Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers drag Amber Portwood for trying to reason with Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood of TMFR
Amber Portwood tried to infuse calm into Farrah Abraham during her feud with Cheyenne Floyd. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood showed how much she’s grown on the latest episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion when she tried to reason with Farrah Abraham, but viewers think she was in the wrong.

During this week’s episode of TMFR, Farrah made her surprise appearance and joined the cast at the bar while they were enjoying a chill night together.

Farrah Abraham feuds with castmates on her first night at Teen Mom Family Reunion

Cory Wharton decided it was a good time to bring up his past beef with Farrah, alleging that she said he and Cheyenne Floyd only had their daughter Ryder to secure a spot on Teen Mom OG.

Cory approached Farrah and asked her, “So we only had a baby to get on this show? That’s how you feel?”

“I guess I do,” Farrah replied. “I guess I feel really ghetto too, like that.”

Farrah’s comment did not go over well with the group, especially Cheyenne, who came to the defense of her baby daddy. Things got heated between Farrah and Cheyenne and furniture was thrown in the process.

Amber Portwood tries to calm Farrah Abraham amid feud

In an effort to try and calm the situation, Amber Portwood took Farrah to the side for a one-on-one chat. “Everybody was like, attack, attack, attack… it was ridiculous,” Amber told the cameras.

“I’ve always been really protective of people,” Amber confessed. “I try to remain neutral because I don’t want anybody fighting.”

Amber talked calmly with Farrah and tried to change the subject, turning it to Farrah’s daughter, Sophia. Amber also disclosed that she was on probation and not drinking, accounting for her calmer-than-usual demeanor.

“I don’t necessarily feel like I got through to Farrah, but I just wanted to calm her down to the point that maybe she could go back to her room, kind of calm down herself,” Amber said after their chat.

Although Amber made an effort to show how much she’s changed and helped to diffuse the situation, TMFR viewers felt she was in the wrong.

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers drag Amber Portwood for supporting Farrah Abraham

TMFR fans took to Twitter after the show and voiced their opinions on Amber showing support for Farrah.

tmfr fans took to twitter to drag amber portwood for supporting farrah abraham
Pic credit: @emilyjim2586/@AsiaGaff/@Bloop_1/@QueenT0217/Twitter

“Not Farrah calling people disrespectful when she’s the most disrespectful person on this planet!!!!” wrote one disgruntled viewer. “ALSO WHY THE F**K IS AMBER DEFENDING HER!!!!???”

Another TMFR viewer brought up Amber and Farrah’s past beef and voiced, “Amber you jus wanted to drag her across the stage, now you got compassion. delusional. doesnt make sense.”

During the taping of the 2017 Teen Mom OG finale episode with Dr. Drew, Amber stormed the stage when Farrah talked about “threats” she made against her. The altercation turned physical and security had to be called in when Amber’s ex Matt Baier took a swing at Farrah’s dad.

Another TMFR viewer felt that Amber’s attempt to calm Farrah was all for naught: “Amber you can save that, some people don’t deserve compassion and she’s one of those people.”

Recently, Amber voiced that she didn’t believe Farrah’s claims following her arrest in Los Angeles for allegedly slapping a security guard. Farrah has maintained her innocence and called the ordeal a “set-up.”

However, Amber didn’t believe Farrah’s claims and said, “I went through so much of my life way worse and if I sat there and never took responsibility for what I’ve done and say that everything was a set-up, I mean honestly I would just look like a fool. Nothing’s a set-up.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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