Teen Mom Family Reunion: Leah Messer dishes on boyfriend Jaylan Mobley, says he’s ‘absolutely perfect’

Jaylan Mobley and Leah Messer of Teen Mom Family Reunion
Leah Messer continues to gush about her boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley. Pic credit: MTV and @leahmesser/Instagram

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Leah Messer can’t stop gushing over her “absolutely perfect” new boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley.

By now, most TMFR fans know that Leah is dating Jaylan after she went public with their relationship last fall.

On the most recent episode of TMFR, Leah gushed about Jaylan to her co-star Ashley Jones, but revealed that she was a bit reluctant to accept love from such an upstanding, well-rounded guy.

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Leah Messer calls boyfriend Jaylan Mobley ‘absolutely perfect’

Recently, Leah opened up about her relationship with Jaylan to E! News and shared that her boyfriend is “absolutely perfect.”

“Dr. Cheyenne [Bryant] really helped out with letting my guard down and trusting him,” Leah said of the TMFR life coach, who has worked with the moms and dads on overcoming their internal issues as well as their squabbles with each other.

Leah continued, “‘Like, it’s okay. He cares about you. He’s showing up for you and let him,’ and I was like, ‘okay.'”

The 29-year-old mom of three couldn’t say enough nice things about Jaylan and added, “He’s like absolutely perfect. I’m not going to lie.”

“He’s just every quality that I wanted in someone,” Leah continued. “The way that he is with my kids, I don’t know if there’s ever going to be another because he’s just great.”

Since news broke of Leah and Jaylan’s relationship, rumors began to swirl that Leah was pregnant, which the Teen Mom 2 star vehemently denied.

Leah and Jaylan went Instagram-official with their relationship in September 2021 after speculation that she was actually dating someone else, who turned out to be a business associate.

Jaylan Mobley to appear alongside Leah Messer on Teen Mom Family Reunion

Jaylan is slated to make his debut on TMFR this season alongside Leah. So far, TMFR viewers have only watched Leah and Jaylan FaceTime each other.

During their conversation, Leah doubted that she would be able to handle accepting Jaylan in her life.

“We have a life coach here and I’m trying not to be as guarded,” Leah told Jaylan during their video chat. “I’m trying to accept your kindness. I need to let the walls come down and I’m scared to let the walls come down.”

However, Jaylan showed Leah that he was committed to making their relationship work and promised her he was in it for the long haul.

“I’m not planning to do this temporarily,” Jaylan told Leah. “I haven’t been in a relationship in a minute so I’m not just doing this s**t for fun. I plan on being here for a long time.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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