Teen Mom Family Reunion couple Cheyenne Floyd and fiance Zach Davis address his January arrest

Teen Mom Family Reunion stars Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis
Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis finally addressed Zach’s January arrest. Pic credit: Our CRAZ Family/YouTube

Teen Mom Family Reunion couple Cheyenne Floyd and her fiance Zach Davis talked about Zach’s recent arrest.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Zach was arrested for outstanding warrants in January 2022 when he and Cheyenne returned from a trip to Mexico.

Zach was busted while going through customs where he was taken into custody for outstanding warrants for violating probation on charges theft and a DUI. He was briefly detained before being released.

Since the arrest, Cheyenne and Zach have been mostly hush-hush until now.

Teen Mom Family Reunion couple Cheyenne Floyd, Zach Davis play Truth or Drink

Taking to their YouTube page, Our CRAZ Family, Cheyenne joined her dad Kyle Floyd and Zach for a game of Truth or Drink. The trio fielded questions from fans and if they chose not to answer, they had to drink a shot of tequila instead.

When the topic of Zach’s arrest came up, initially Cheyenne and Zach chose not to respond and drank so they wouldn’t have to address it.

However, they had a change of mind later in the video. When one question asked the group the biggest lie they’ve told their kids, Zach brought up the fact that they told Cheyenne’s 4-year-old daughter Ryder that Zach was on a business trip during his arrest.

Later in the video, a fan submitted a question asking Cheyenne and her guests, “Thoughts on Zach’s run-in with the law?”

Zach and Cheyenne break their silence on Zach’s arrest

“Everything comes with a consequence,” Zach said. “Like [Cheyenne’s dad Kyle] said, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. I don’t know, it was all mistakes that I made in the past and I won’t make again. I got a family now. I got a huge support system that I’m not trying to sabotage.”

For her part, Cheyenne said of Zach’s past criminal history, “I’ll answer the question. My thoughts on it are, one of the first reasons Zach and I broke up years ago was because I was so mad at Zach because I kept seeing all the potential in the world for him to be this great, all-around person. He had everything going for him but I just felt like he wasn’t applying himself towards things.”

“I feel like now he’s in a position and has a platform where he can talk about things and talk to other young men who maybe think that fast money, or think that this lifestyle can get you this look,” Cheyenne said. “But it’s not. It doesn’t work that way. All things have consequences.”

A bench warrant trial is scheduled for May 2 in Van Nuys, California, where Zach will face a judge.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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