Teen Mom Family Reunion: Ashley Jones explains why she refused to fight on the show despite tense confrontation

Teen Mom:Family Reunion star Ashley Jones explains why she refused to get into a physical altercation.
Ashley Jones says she tried to be the bigger person. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom: Family Reunion viewers were pleasantly surprised at how well Ashley Jones kept her cool despite being antagonized by Briana DeJesus and Jade Cline. The premiere episode kicked off with the cast members taking part in an exercise known as scream therapy which allowed each person to scream out their frustrations.

Things started off peacefully until it was Briana DeJesus’ turn and she called out Ashley for being fake. Soon enough Jade jumped into the mix.

Ashley immediately apologized and tried to clear the air but Jade took things to another level and at one point the other cast members had to intervene.

However, after the show aired Ashley took to social media to explain why she had no desire to get into a physical altercation.

Ashley Jones explains why she refused to fight during Teen Mom: Family Reunion premiere

The Teen Mom: Family Reunion star shared a video on social media and explained her mindset going into the show. Those who met Ashley on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant are well aware that she’s not all talk but will actually get down and dirty if provoked.

However, viewers commended Ashley for her growth as she kept her composure despite being confronted by Jade and Briana.

During an Instagram Live video, Ashley noted that she had no desire to get arrested or lose out on getting paid if she decided to fight her castmates.

“What am I gonna do? come in here, turn it up immediately lose my cheque, get a lawsuit, probably go to jail–cause you know they calling the police,” said the 24-year-old. “We’re in f**king nice a** resort in San Diego you know the police are coming.”

“MTV can’t stop me from going to jail if I put my hands on somebody so what is the point?” she added.

Ashley Jones tried to be the bigger person during drama with Jade Cline

The Teen Mom: Family Reunion star continued to explain her reasons for trying to keep her cool amid her confrontation with Jade Cline and noted that she had too much to lose.

“I lose a bag, I lose my TV time, I’ll probably have a lawsuit,” reasoned Ashley. “There are so many things that just come with that and it’s just like for what?” We can’t get it rocking so I’m just gonna try to be the bigger person and that is what I did.”

She continued, “I don’t have to fight and that’s what I was trying to prove.”

“I’m a little upset that it took that turn because I really really…in my heart of hearts feel like I try my best to hold it down in the most mature way possible and I just kind of lost it at the end,” added Ashley.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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