Teen Mom Family Reunion: Ashley Jones afraid of divorce and ending up as a sad Kim Kardashian

Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones is afraid of divorce from her husband Bar and ending up like Kim Kardashian. Pic credit: MTV

In the most recent episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion, Ashley Jones revealed while talking to Leah Messer that she is afraid she and her husband, Bar Smith, aren’t going to make it in their marriage. It was revealed earlier on, in Episode 1, that Ashley and Bar got married shortly before filming this new spinoff show.

What did Ashley Jones say about her relationship, and why did she say it to Leah Messer?

As Ashley and Leah talked about relationships and marriage, Ashley stated, “I don’t want to be like Kim Kardashian and be like ‘I feel like a loser’, like, I got married and divorced in 72 f**king hours.”

Ashley went on to clarify and state, “Not really, I’ve been married a month, but I don’t want to be married and divorced in the same year.” Ashley told Leah that things need to change between her and Bar and that it “needs some TLC and if it doesn’t get that, it could fall apart.”

This was after Leah asked Ashley what she and Bar were going to do after filming the show in San Diego. Ashley said that they would go back to the same house but would definitely need therapy if the marriage was going to continue on and get better.

Bar Smith and Ashley’s therapy session with Dr. Bryant gave some insight into Ashley and Bar’s pasts and childhood

The couple sat down with Dr. Bryant, the Teen Mom Family Reunion therapist. They discussed what has been going on with their marriage and why, maybe, things haven’t been clicking.

Ashley revealed she feels like they are married, but not in the romantic sense. Instead, they are just raising a child as roommates or buddies. She told Dr. Bryant that it’s not what she thought marriage would be.

When Dr. Bryant asked what she meant, Ashley talked about the lack of romance between them, but also that maybe she was just expecting too much going into it.

Ashley talked about how she wants Bar to have more drive and passion in what he does because she feels like she is married to her biological dad and has “daddy issues” because of it.

Bar then got emotional in the session because he sometimes feels like he just isn’t good enough for Ashley. Dr. Bryant questioned why he felt this way, or who told him this growing up, but Bar couldn’t get any words out.

Dr. Bryant then led him away from the couch and talked with him one-on-one, and got some information out of Bar. He told her that his dad was never around because dope was more important to him than his own son…and he has struggled internally with that.

Dr. Bryant made the comment, “The thing about you is you’re not even mad … you’re just, like, broken-hearted.” Bar agreed and nodded his head throughout this interaction. Then the two-headed back to Ashley.

At the end of their therapy session, both Bar and Ashley were smiling. The duo said they both have things they can be working on as individuals in order to make their marriage work better.

Ashley Jones is afraid her marriage to Bar Smith won’t work out and she will end up sad, like Kim Kardashian.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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