Teen Mom Family Reunion: Amber Portwood sends prayers for Gary Shirley as he gets ready for surgery

Gary Shirley
Gary Shirley prepares for surgery, and his ex, Amber Portwood, wishes him well. Pic credit: MTV

Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood have had their share of issues and controversy over the years on Teen Mom OG. However, more recently, and through the Teen Mom Family Reunion, Amber and Gary have gotten along and even been supportive of each other.

While he and Amber have a daughter, Leah, together, Gary is now married to his wife, Kristina. They have a daughter together as well, six-year-old, Emilee. All three of Leah’s parents have really come together lately to co-parent successfully.

Currently, Amber is showing her support and offering up prayers to Gary after he took to his Instagram to talk about his upcoming surgery.

What type of surgery is Gary Portwood having and what did Amber Portwood write in response?

Gary and Emilee made a video to talk about Gary’s bilateral carpal tunnel surgery that he will be having soon, asking for advice from viewers.

Gary wanted to ask fans if they have any do’s or don’ts for him as he recovers from the surgery.

He revealed that he is having both hands worked on at the same time and captioned his post with: “Big things happening, definitely not excited. I absolutely hate going under anesthesia! One of my biggest fears besides accidentally drinking rotten milk.”

Amber Portwood, Gary’s ex and mom to their daughter Leah was the first to comment writing, “Praying for you buddy! No worries you’re strong you got this!”

Pic credit: @itsgarytime/Instagram

During the video, not only did Gary ask for advice, but he also said he is getting the surgery done now before planting season. He revealed the girls are concerned because he won’t be able to cook for a while, so Kristina, his wife, would have to take over.

What other advice did Gary’s supporters give him about the surgery and recovery?

In the comments of the post, Gary received a lot of great advice from viewers who have had the same surgery done.

One woman stated, “I’ve had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. Best advice, do the physical therapy, but rest when they tell you. Elevate and hydrate!”

Pic credit: @itsgarytime/Instagram

Another woman wrote in response to Gary wanting advice, “My husband got this surgery but only one. He also had a friend that got it. My husband is a chef and his has held amazingly! He followed the instructions to a T and kept his arm elevated after surgery for awhile and had great post surgery PT. His friend not so much and hasn’t had as good dealing. So make sure you listen to your dr, and your body! And you will be back in the garden and kitchen in no time!”

Pic credit: @itsgarytime/Instagram

It sounds like, according to viewers, that if Gary follows his doctor’s orders and listens to his own body, he’ll be back to gardening (and cooking for his family) in no time.

Gary’s daughter, Emilee, stole the show at the end of the video

After Gary said what he needed to on the video, he asked his daughter, Emilee, if she had anything to say. Emilee stole the show when she asked at the end, “Daddy, who’s gonna wipe your butt?”

As Gary laughed, he thanked viewers for their help and reminded them to send him any do’s and don’ts if they had any. Teen Mom OG fans are rooting for Gary to heal quickly.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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