Teen Mom Family Reunion: Amber Portwood fires back at ‘bullies’ who mock her sitting on the couch

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood was not okay with an “insensitive” meme targeting her time spent sitting on the couch. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Amber Portwood clapped back at her critics who shared an “offensive” meme mocking her time spent on the couch, which she considered “bullying.”

When it comes to Teen Mom OG and Family Reunion viewers, Amber is often the brunt of jokes aimed at calling her out for spending a lot of time on the couch during her segments and during her live videos on social media.

A recent meme that made its way to a Teen Mom fan page on Instagram caught Amber’s attention and she let her critics know she was not okay with it.

Meme surfaces mocking Amber Portwood on the couch

The meme, shared by @teenmomfanz on Instagram, depicted a scene from the TV show The Simpsons. The top half showed Amber’s face imposed on Homer’s with a caption that read, “I love these lazy Saturdays.”

The post’s caption read, “Whoever made this, give me your phone???”

The bottom of the meme once again showed Homer Simpson lying on the couch as Marge Simpson – whose head was imposed with a photo of Amber’s baby daddy Gary Shirley – peeked her head around the corner.

The caption read, “It’s Wednesday, Amber.”

Amber took note of the meme, didn’t find it amusing, and let her critics know in the comments section that she considered it an act of “bullying.”

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood claps back at ‘bullies’ who shared ‘offensive’ meme

“Wth are you thinking?” Amber commented to the post’s creator. “Seriously grow up with this bullcrap. You have absolutely no clue what I do at all AND IT IS NOT THIS. #bullying #notfunny.”

After seeing Amber’s comment on their post, @teenmomfanz shared the quote once again, this time acknowledging Amber’s comment on the first post.

They captioned it, “#AmberPortwood hopped in the comment section of my recent meme and said my post is bullying!”

amber portwood clapped back at trolls on IG who she felt "bullied" her
Pic credit: @teenmomfanz/Instagram

“In your honest opinion, do you believe reposting memes of Reality TV stars is bullying?” the caption continued. “All opinions are welcome! ⤵️”

Once again, Amber showed up in the comments and spoke her mind, this time with a softer approach.

“It is offensive but do not think I will lose sleep over the ignorance,” Amber commented. “It is just stupid and should not be something celebrated. This is a hard week for me and honestly it’s insensitive to poke fun at old behaviors of depression.”

In March 2021, Amber threatened to use karate on trolls who called her a couch potato. Amber recorded a live, profanity-ridden video on Instagram, calling out her haters and threatening violence.

“Maybe I have one or two days out of the week when I’m not on this mother f*****g couch,” Amber told her critics. “So when I’m on this f*****g couch and I sit down on this couch and talk to you guys, and when I do, it’s either in the mother f*****g morning or at night. I wonder why the f**k that is?”

Amber seems to have made some strides as far as her anger issues and mental illness are concerned, however, as well as in her relationship with her daughter, Leah, and her ex Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

Amber hang in there honey people who write trash are just jealous and I hope all is well with you ❤️