Teen Mom critics think Farrah Abraham’s face is looking ‘extra plastic’ these days

Farrah Abraham on the red carpet
Farrah poses at the 2nd Annual American Influencer Awards. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Farrah Abraham looks very different compared to the way she looked when she was first introduced to Teen Mom OG viewers.

The former MTV star made her reality TV debut in 2009 when she joined the cast of 16 and Pregnant before graduating to Teen Mom OG.

Since then, Farrah’s appearance has transformed drastically, a result of the multitude of plastic surgery procedures she’s undergone.

A recent selfie Farrah shared on her Instagram Stories shocked her critics, who feel the former adult entertainment star looks unhuman.

In the selfie shared in the Reddit thread, Farrah posed in front of her Christmas tree, sporting an extra shiny and fuller-looking face than usual.

The author captioned the post, “Farrah’s looking extra plastic this holiday season.” Hundreds more agreed with the Redditor’s statement and took to the comments to critique Farrah’s face.

Teen Mom OG critics think Farrah Abraham’s face looks ‘extra plastic’ in recent photo

One Redditor referred to Farrah’s new look as “really disturbing,” while another compared her face to the masks from The Purge, in which the main antagonists wore smiling masks.

“Genuinely terrifying,” read another comment referring to Farrah’s appearance.

One of Farrah’s critics wrote the words that came to mind when they saw the pic: “Ewwww wow gross.”

Yet another Redditor compared Farrah’s features to that of American socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, who was dubbed “Catwoman” after undergoing a bevy of plastic surgeries that many felt left her looking like a feline.

redditors comment on farrah abraham's "plastic" face
Pic credit: u/YouKnowHowChoicesBe/Reddit

Farrah doesn’t hide the fact she’s gone under the knife more than once

Farrah has been open about the surgeries and procedures she’s undergone to transform her appearance. Earlier this year, Farrah gifted herself injections in her derriere and a nose job as a 31st birthday present.

The former MTV star has also had a chin implant surgically placed, a breast augmentation, vaginal rejuvenation procedures, and lip fillers. She later admitted that she regretted the chin implant.

Despite the backlash she’s received for her abundance of plastic surgeries and appearance-altering cosmetic procedures, Farrah has found humor in it. Last year, she told her fans that her phone recognizes nine different faces due to her ever-changing looks over the years.

Whether Farrah recently went under the knife or the needle again is up for debate; however, she recently told Life & Style that she would lay off the cosmetic enhancements and instead stick to preventative maintenance.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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Bonnie Johnson
Bonnie Johnson
1 year ago

Whoa looking like a robot