Teen Mom critics slam Leah Messer’s friends for letting her make a ‘fool of herself’ during live video

MTV star Leah Messer
Leah recorded a live video with her friends in which she was seemingly intoxicated, and Teen Mom critics slammed her friends. Pic credit: MTV

Leah Messer’s friends are under fire from Teen Mom: The Next Chapter critics.

On Tuesday, October 11, Leah and her fiance of two months, Jaylan Mobley, announced that they had called off their engagement and decided to go their separate ways.

Following her recent breakup with Jaylan, Leah visited a bar where she recorded a video alongside her friends in which she was seemingly intoxicated.

Also joining the video were Leah’s TMTNC castmates Briana DeJesus and Maci Bookout.

Leah and her friends recorded from the bar while Briana and Maci joined the video from their homes. Leah talked about how she felt the Tuesday, October 11 episode of TMTNC was heavily edited and out of context.

However, all TMTNC viewers could pay attention to was Leah’s demeanor during the recording. According to TMTNC fans, Leah looked intoxicated as she sipped from a large tropical drink throughout the video.

Critics slam Leah Messer’s friends for letting her make a ‘fool of herself’ during live video

Meanwhile, Leah’s friends stood in the background as she rambled on, at times slurring her words and not making much sense.

The Instagram Live video was shared to Reddit by a TMTNC viewer in a thread captioned, “Leah Drunk on Live with Bri + Maci,” where other TMTNC fans took to the comments and slammed Leah’s friends for allowing her to record a live video in a drunken state.

One Redditor called out Leah’s friends for allowing her to make a “fool of herself” and noted, “Looks like Leah needs a new group of friends.”

teen mom fans take to reddit to bash leah messer's friends
Pic credit: u/BirdBrainuh/Reddit

“Leah, the people trying to get into frame are not your friends,” commented another critic.

Another critic of Leah’s friends wrote, “They never should’ve added her to the Live in the first place. Some friends.”

One Redditor felt that Leah is a “people pleaser” and blamed it for the reason she gets “jerked around” by her so-called friends.

Leah’s storyline on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter will continue to include ex-fiance Jaylan

Teen Mom viewers were introduced to Jaylan during Season 1 of Family Reunion.

Although Leah and Jaylan are no longer an item, their romance will continue to play out during Season 1 of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

All episodes of Teen Mom are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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