Teen Mom critics slam Briana DeJesus for using MTV income to purchase second home

Briana DeJesus IG selfie
Briana is under fire for purchasing a second home. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Teen Mom star Briana DeJesus made a major move recently by paying off her second home, but her critics are more concerned with how she paid for it.

In 2019, Briana proudly announced that she had built a home for herself, her daughters, Nova and Stella, her mom Roxanne, and her sister, Brittany.

The townhome is frequently featured during Briana’s segments on Teen Mom, where she once lived with her mom and sisters.

However, Briana recently moved into her own apartment with Nova and Stella. But, for Christmas, Briana surprised her girls with the news that she’s building them their own house, which is scheduled for completion in Spring 2023.

Taking to Instagram, Briana shared photos of Nova and Stella posing in front of their new home, which is currently under construction.

In the caption, Briana wished her girls a Merry Christmas and revealed that she kept the home a secret from Nova and Stella until Christmas Day.

“So blessed to have two homes fully paid off as a single mother of 2 ❤️,” Briana wrote in the accompanying caption. “I am forever grateful for the opportunities God has placed in our life.”

Although the post was intended to be a positive one and received plenty of positive feedback from her 1.2 million IG followers, there were also plenty of critics who took to the comments to call out Briana.

Teen Mom critics slam Briana DeJesus for using her MTV income to purchase second home

Many of Briana’s disparagers bashed her for using her MTV fame to purchase the home, something they felt wasn’t as big of a feat as she claimed it to be.

“You mean MTV money made it possible, not a real job,” read one of the comments.

Another follower told Briana, “It’s called MTV helped with that!!”

“You mean MTV paid for everything you have,” wrote another critic, who felt the viewers were owed a thank-you since they were the ones who “made this happen to begin with.”

briana dejesus' critics slam her on IG for using her mtv income to buy a second hone
Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Calling Briana a “s****y celebrity,” another one of Briana’s detractors felt she didn’t “earn” her money from appearing on MTV.

Briana works full-time outside of filming Teen Mom

Despite Briana’s criticism, she is one of the Teen Mom franchise stars who holds down a full-time job outside of filming for MTV.

She has shared that she is the co-owner of a beauty salon where she works as an esthetician and, at one point, also earned an income doing “backhand work” at a timeshare.

It looks as though Briana had a change of heart, however. In November 2022, Briana told her fans and followers that she was looking into buying a home in the San Antonio area of Texas. She even teased putting a down payment on a home in the area while she was recently vacationing there. For now, it looks like Briana is planting roots for herself and her girls in Florida instead.

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vanessa m harmon
vanessa m harmon
1 year ago

Oh please, Briana Cant do nothin, that dont involve kailyn’s exe’s, getting into, the mix of her problems ,uh hillbilly lookin ass b***h, kailyn is doing very well for herself briana is jealous