Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer confirms her relationship with Jaylan Mobley, explains how they met

Leah Messer of Teen Mom 2
Leah Messer opened up about her relationship with her new boyfriend Jaylan Mobley. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 veteran Leah Messer has gone public with her new relationship with boyfriend Jaylan Mobley and opened up about their sweet love story.

In August, Leah’s fans were scratching their heads when she was spotted spending a lot of time with a “young-looking” new man who they thought was her newest beau.

It turned out that the young man wasn’t Leah’s boyfriend, but someone by the name of Justin Burke, the founder and videographer at J. Burke Media, LLC based out of Leah’s hometown of Charleston, West Virginia.

But it was a picture that Leah shared on Instagram on Saturday, September 11 that really got her fans talking about a new man in her life, Jaylan Mobley.

Now, Leah is opening up about how she met Jaylan and what attracted her to the 25-year-old U.S. Army cyber officer.

Leah Messer gushes over new boyfriend Jaylan Mobley

Leah sat down to talk with Entertainment Tonight’s Joy Behar and spilled the tea on her new man. (You can watch the entire interview here.)

When Joy asked Leah how she and Jaylan met, she explained that it was through a project with the Army and ESPN.

“We met through a project Jaylan did with ESPN and the Army that was filmed and captured by one of my PA’s in September 2020,” Leah told Joy.

Leah continued, “In growing my network, I followed Jaylan, and in February of this year, we connected through DMs and he asked me on a date. On our first date, he picked me up took me to a lovely dinner at Bricks & Barrels in Charleston, West Virginia, and then we went to the Wiz Khalifa concert at the WV Power Park. It was amazing.”

Leah recently vacationed in Costa Rica, where her sister Victoria got engaged, and Jaylan came along for the trip — and it was there that Leah and Jaylan officially became an item.

“We officially became exclusive during our trip to Costa Rica, when Jaylan asked me to be his girlfriend over a sunset dinner! It was perfect! This makes nearly a month, but we are excited to see what the future holds,” Leah gushed.

Jaylan met all of Leah’s expectations and more

Leah admits that her man’s attributes blew her away and that he “checked off all the boxes” when it came to what she was looking for in a partner.

“When Jaylan started checking all the boxes and characteristics that I had been looking for in a partner, I won’t even lie, I was taken aback,” Leah admitted of her boyfriend with his diverse resume.

On Jaylan’s LinkedIn page, he writes, “I am currently serving in the West Virginia Army National Guard as a First Lieutenant, Deputy Team Chief, of the Defense Cyber Operations Element. Also, I am the Assistant Supervisor, to the West Virginia National Guard IT Technician J6-North Team.”

Jaylan earned a Master of Science in Cyber Security from West Virginia University and a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and has worked as an intern for NASA.

“He’s so compassionate, caring, patient, kind, thoughtful, has a great sense of humor, is adventurous, and LOVES kids. I swore he wasn’t real!” Lead added.

Are things already serious between Leah and Jaylan?

Things look to be serious, as Leah has already introduced Jaylan to her daughters and he’s spent time with each of them, enjoying their favorite activities.

Leah said of Jaylan meeting her girls, “They literally just met, but it’s the playing tag for me and running around the house and recent dinner/movie nights we’ve had. He also went to the girls’ most recent horseback riding lesson with us. My heart can’t take this.”

“Ali also had to show him her newfound love for the clarinet, Aleeah had to show him her vocals and talk about her passion for the ocean, and Addie just wanted to go to the park, play tag and pull out her most recent pranks,” the 29-year-old MTV star added.

“At the end of the day, Jaylan is such a great person and I know he’ll be such a positive influence in my daughters’ lives. They love him, and that’s what I needed to know before introducing them all,” Leah concluded.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Leah said that she regretted introducing her last boyfriend too soon to her girls, Aleeah, Ali, and Addie.

“The last guy I dated, we dated for at least four months before I even allowed him to come around my kids,” Leah said back in May of this year. “That was the biggest mistake, honestly. In my opinion, I just don’t want to confuse them with that.”

Congratulations to Leah on finding love again and here’s to hoping she and Jaylan find happiness for a long time to come!

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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