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Teen Mom 2:Ashley Jones slams racist trolls, says I won’t quit my job because you hate me’

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones lashes out at racist trolls on social media
Ashley Jones slams trolls for racist comments. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Ashley Jones might need a break from social media after a rough couple of hours following the reunion. She recently took to Twitter to slam critics for mocking her claims about growing up privileged and hours later she had to speak out again, this time against racist comments she’s been receiving from trolls online.

The young mom is certainly not a stranger to backlash and she usually has no problem clapping back at haters. After speaking out on Twitter earlier today, Ashley later took to Instagram to speak out against racist messages.

Ashley Jones responds to racist comments

Apparently, the Teen Mom 2 star’s appearance on the reunion last night has some people up in arms, and this is not the first time she has put the haters on blast.

However, the shady remarks by viewers of the show pale in comparison to some of the racist comments that Ashley has to constantly deal with.

Ashley spoke out in a series of messages posted to her Instagram Story moments ago and made it know that she refuses to let the offensive remarks affect her.

Y’all don’t like me I get it,” wrote Ashley in one post — which she followed up with a lengthier message.

“I’m referring to all the racist comments that every episode brings me. It’s clear that the Teen Mom fan base is somewhat racist which is why I’m constantly told my behavior would be better suited for Love and Hip Hop. It’s very sad to see,” confessed the reality TV star.

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However, Ashley made it known that despite the hate she has no plans to leave the popular MTV franchise.

“I won’t quit my job because y’all hate me…the problem is with you. period,” she added.

Ashley Jones lashes out at racist comments
Pic credit:@ashleysiren/Instagram

Ashley Jones constantly claps back at trolls

Today has been a lot for the Teen Mom 2 star. Earlier this morning Ashley had to defend herself on Twitter after viewers disbelieved her story about growing up wealthy.

Ashley clapped back at several of the commenters and made it clear that, whether they believed her or not, she did, in fact, grow up wealthy. Then, only hours later, she shared the posts on Instagram, blasting the crude, racist comments.

However, proving that she’s come a very long way over the past few years, Ashley didn’t let the bitter remarks get to her. Instead, she shared her final note with a strong message about what she plans to teach her daughter Holly despite her own racist experiences.

Ashley Jones has a message for social media trolls
Pic credit:@ashleysiren/Instagram

“I will teach my daughter to dislike actions and character traits, not color. I hope y’all do the same,” wrote Ashley.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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