Teen Mom 2 viewers call Kail Lowry ‘evil’ for comments about Chris Lopez ‘forgetting’ their sons Lux and Creed

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry
Kail Lowry came under fire for comments about Chris Lopez and their sons during the April 26 episode of Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 viewers are not happy with Kail Lowry’s comments about hoping her baby daddy Chris Lopez “forgets” about their sons Lux and Creed.

Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 included Kail, despite her choosing not to film some segments this season.

Kail Lowry said she hopes Chris Lopez ‘forgets’ about sons Lux and Creed

During one of her segments, the topic of Kail’s ex and third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, came up when one of MTV’s producers questioned Kail about his new baby.

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At the time, Chris was expecting his third child, a son named Trew Christopher. When a Teen Mom 2 producer questioned Kail about it, she made a statement that didn’t sit well with many viewers.

When asked whether she would like Lux and Creed to have a relationship with their baby brother, Kail responded, “I hope that when his new baby comes, he forgets about Lux and Creed and doesn’t want anything to do with them.”

A Teen Mom 2 fan took to Reddit where they shared a clip of the scene in a post they called, “Kail talking about Chris. What an uhhhhmazin thing to wish upon your children. I’ve never heard a more bitter or thoughtless statement..”

Teen Mom 2 viewers took to the comments where they voiced their opinions on Kail’s “evil” statement.

Teen Mom 2 viewers react to Kail’s ‘evil’ statement

“The things that come out of her mouth are horrible enough on their own,” commented one Redditor. “But to say them on camera, when you know it will be saved on the internet forever?”

Kail’s statement had one Teen Mom 2 viewer in shock: “I was so shocked when she said that . How ugly and bitter can she get ! That is so evil of her to say.”

redditors comment on kail lowry's "evil" statement about chris lopez from the april 26 episode of teen mom 2
Pic credit: u/dur_ta_dur/Reddit

Another Redditor felt that some things are better left unsaid and commented, “It’s one thing for a mom to have that feeling, it’s another to say it on camera waiting for your kids to see it.”

“She is the absolute worst. She is totally self absorbed,” voiced another of Kail’s critics. “She simply refuses to put aside her own bulls**t to do what’s best for her kids… which means doing all you can to foster a healthy relationship with their dad.”

Kail and Chris’ relationship has been tumultuous for years. It doesn’t seem as though the exes can find a way to co-parent without getting into their personal beef with each other.

Now that the former couple is filming alongside each other on Teen Mom 2, their feud has intensified, and Kail has chosen not to share as much of her personal life on camera.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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lynne koko'o pasi'on
lynne koko'o pasi'on
1 year ago

WHY are YOU calling your baby daddy evil? “YOU PICKED HIM”