Teen Mom 2 viewers blame Briana DeJesus for her failed engagement to Javi Gonzalez

Briana DeJesus and Javi Gonzalez of Teen Mom 2
After Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, viewers are placing blame on Briana DeJesus for her failed engagement to Javi Gonzalez. Pic credit: MTV and @javi_tattooz/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 viewers think Briana DeJesus is to blame for her failed engagement to Javi Gonzalez.

During the March 22 episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana’s segments focused heavily on her crumbling relationship with Javi.

Briana admitted to her mom Roxanne and sister Brittany that there was no spark and that she and Javi had been arguing and growing apart.

After planning a getaway with her daughters Nova and Stella, along with Javi and his two daughters, Briana ended things with her fiance.

Following the episode, Teen Mom 2 viewers took to Twitter where they called out Briana for being the cause for her breakup with Javi.

Teen Mom 2 viewers place blame on Briana DeJesus for split from Javi Gonzalez

“Briana has issues. It’s always [some] kind of problem with whoever she dates,” voiced one Teen Mom 2 viewer. “Sis the common denominator in all of those relationships is YOU. You’re the problem.”

Another one of Briana’s critics felt that she is too comfortable in her relationships with her mom and sister that it interferes with her romantic relationships.

teen mom 2 viewers tweet about briana dejesus' failed engagement to javi gonzalez
Pic credit: @LemonShawteh/@BossieBae/@MMira08/@iamtaa3_/@CoCo_sinceday1/Twitter

“I think Briana likes the dynamic she has with her sister and mom,” they penned. “If she gets serious with a guy then she will have to change that & right now I think she’s comfortable.”

Last fall, Teen Mom 2 viewers expressed that they felt Briana would be “lost” without her mom Roxanne and suggested it has hindered her relationships with former boyfriends/fiancés.

Another Teen Mom 2 viewer on Twitter voiced that Briana needs to just be upfront about her feelings with men rather than make excuses. “Briana queen of excuses.. you don’t want that man just say that,” they wrote.

“Briana needs to stop getting into these relationships she don’t want to be in and actually take time to find herself and see what she will and will not tolerate. Frfr,” wrote another one of Briana’s critics.

“Briana is something else. Another one bites the dust,” commented another Teen Mom 2 fan regarding Briana’s failed engagement to Javi.

Briana’s feelings were lukewarm about engagement to Javi

There were signs in last week’s episode that Briana wasn’t that interested in Javi, despite accepting his proposal. Although Javi was uncomfortable with her traveling to Philadelphia to record a podcast episode with Chris Lopez, she went anyway and left Javi in Florida.

After Briana questioned accepting Javi’s proposal, Teen Mom 2 viewers bashed her. Briana told her BFF Shirley of her engagement to Javi, “It’s not what I thought it was gonna be.”

Briana added, “I’m expecting like fireworks, butterflies, flames, and I just feel regular [when it comes to] being engaged to him in general.”

Since calling off her engagement to Javi last year, Briana maintains that she has been celibate for eight months and is hoping to meet a guy through a dating show.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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