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Teen Mom 2 viewers bash Briana DeJesus for throwing jabs at Devoin Austin despite him no-showing Nova

Teen Mom 2 exes Devoin Austin and Briana DeJesus
Teen Mom 2 viewers aren’t happy that Briana DeJesus continues to throw jabs at Devoin Austin. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus needs to stop throwing jabs at her ex Devoin Austin, according to Teen Mom 2 viewers.

Tuesday night’s episode saw Briana preparing her girls Nova and Stella for their first day of school.

During the segment, Briana made a few comments about Devoin’s parenting that didn’t sit well with Teen Mom 2 viewers.

Devoin Austin no-shows Nova’s first day of school

In one voice-over, Briana said, “Devoin’s been picking up Nova from gymnastics, but it’s not always consistent.”

Briana then asked Nova repeatedly if she wanted her dad, Devoin, to join them on the ride to school the next day, and Nova obliged.

Next, Briana texted Devoin to tell him to meet at her house the next morning to see Nova off to school. However, when it came time to leave for school, Nova decided she wanted to ride with her mom rather than Devoin.

Devoin seemingly no-showed Nova’s first day of school in the scene, but Teen Mom 2 viewers took aim at Briana after the episode.

Teen Mom 2 viewers are tired of Briana DeJesus throwing jabs at Devoin

Taking to Twitter, Briana’s critics sounded off.

“All Briana does is complain about what Devoin isn’t doing,” wrote one disgruntled fan. “Damn at least he’s trying. She makes them not want to be around.”

Another voiced, “Funny hearing Briana admit that’s the first time in a long time Devoin didn’t come through on something while ALSO rarely giving him credit the multitude of times he HAS come through.”

“Always throwing in jabs against Devoin,” wrote another Teen Mom 2 viewer. “Then turns around & says he will be [there] for Stella too. Briana is a mess.”

twitter users comment on briana continually throwing jabs at devoin on tm2
Pic credit: @TheTenUsee/@cristal_write/@imJohnWess213/@SayMyJRenee/@njramen/Twitter

The comment referred to something Briana said during the segment, assuming that Devoin would take over Luis’ role if he no-showed. “If Luis doesn’t come, then Devoin will come, and Devoin will see Stella go to VPK,” Briana said.

“I wish Devoin would stop letting Briana tell his story,” penned another one of Briana’s critics who felt that the whole story wasn’t shown during the scene in which Devoin no-showed Nova’s first day of school.

“I’m sure there was more to this school drop off situation than what she told,” they continued. “But to us it looks like Devoin just said ‘Fugg it.'”

Another one of Devoin’s supporters commented, “Devoin has always needed to do better but i’ve always got the feeling that on some level briana doesn’t want him to.”

Devoin steps up as a dad, improves co-parenting relationship with Briana

Devoin has expressed his dismay for the way he’s portrayed as a deadbeat dad on Teen Mom 2. Although he admittedly made past mistakes, he’s been working on being more present in Nova’s life.

Not only has Devoin stepped up in Nova’s life as her dad, but he’s also included Stella, whose father Luis has been largely absent from the preschooler’s life.

Since the episode was filmed, Briana and Devoin have made great strides in their co-parenting relationship. During their time on Teen Mom Family Reunion, Briana and Devoin shared a “magical” moment when they talked through their issues with Coach B, who also praised them for putting in the work.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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