Teen Mom 2: Vee Rivera undergoes ‘big chop,’ fans gush over her new look

Vee Rivera of Teen Mom 2
Vee Rivera debuted a new look and her fans went wild. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Vee Rivera felt it was time for a change so she changed up her look in a major way and her fans are loving it.

Vee is a self-described makeup lover and she loves sharing her beauty and fashion tips with her followers on social media.

Never one to shy away from trying a new trend, Vee debuted a new look over the weekend that had her fans gushing.

Teen Mom 2 star Vee Rivera debuts new look

“It was time to shake things up a bit what better way than a big chop?!” Vee wrote to her 514k followers on her Instagram page.

“Loving being on the dark side ?,” the 28-year-old mom of one added.

Vee shared a video on Reels set to the song Praise God by Kanye West. In the video, Vee’s stylist spun her around in the salon chair, showing off her long, light brown hair before her transformation.

As the stylist held the bottom of Vee’s hair and tugged, the screen transformed, showing her new, shorter, darker ‘do.

Vee ran her fingers through her hair from the stylist’s chair before the video showed her posing in front of her bathroom mirror with her phone, giving a wink to the camera.

Of course, a makeover of such epic proportions wouldn’t be complete without comments from Vee’s fans, who were loving her new look.

Vee Rivera’s fans gush over her new hairstyle

vee rivera's fans loved her makeover and commented on instagram
Vee’s fans loved her makeover. Pic credit: @veeautifyme/Instagram

“It looks AMAZING!!! You’re gorgeous!!!” one of Vee’s fans told the Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-host.

“Omg i looove it girl!???” wrote another one of Vee’s followers.

Everyone seemed to love Vee’s new look. Another comment read, “Omg it’s beautiful!!”

Vee also took to her Instagram Stories to show the bombardment of messages she received from her fans, requesting a hair tutorial.

“We need a hair tutorial! Please,” requested a fan. Vee shared several other similar messages, all asking for the MTV star to share her new hairstyling routine with them.

vee rivera promised her fans a hair tutorial on Instagram stories
Vee’s fans requested a hair tutorial. Pic credit: @veeautifyme/Instagram

Vee promised she’ll give her fans what they want and told them, “I’ll def be doing a tutorial on how I style my short hair now for you guys! Thank you all so much for all the sweet comments! ?”

In addition to holding her real estate license and co-hosting Baby Mamas No Drama with her husband’s baby mama Kail Lowry, Vee owns a Latina-owned beauty brand, Vivid Belleza, which offers makeup, fashion accessories, and merchandise.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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