Teen Mom 2: Vee Rivera tests positive for COVID-19, details how’s she’s handling it

Vee Rivera of Teen Mom 2
Vee Rivera tested positive for COVID-19. Pic credit: MTV

Vee Rivera of Teen Mom 2 has tested positive for COVID-19 and detailed her symptoms, and how’s she’s dealing with it.

The Vivid Belleza founder took to social media on Monday to tell her followers that she has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Vee opened her video on her Instagram stories by telling her followers, “Good morning, guys. COVID queen here.”

Vee Rivera tests positive for COVID-19

Vee then explained that she had been tested previously, but her test came back negative for COVID-19. Since she had spent some time at a water park, Vee thought she contracted a “little cold” when she experienced mild symptoms.

On Thursday and Friday of last week, Vee felt the worst. She said, however, by Saturday, she was feeling nearly herself again, although she lost her sense of smell and taste.

Vee explained that losing her sense of smell and taste is what prompted her to get tested a second time, although her husband, Jo Rivera, was convinced she was suffering from a sinus issue.

Vee’s husband Jo and daughter Vivi tested negative

Vee, along with Jo and their daughter, Vivi, all went to get tested together. Only Vee’s COVID-19 test came back positive, so she’s been quarantining from Jo and Vivi ever since.

The 29-year-old mom told her fans that she wears a mask when she’s inside their home and that she mostly stays in her room. Jo has been sleeping in the den, which Vee joked about since they were sharing a bed until her test came back positive.

“I’m like, so sad, sleeping in the bed by myself,” Vee told her followers. The Baby Mamas No Drama co-host also noted that Vivi has avoided contact with her at all costs, but she misses smelling her daughter and being close to her.

“Like, I don’t feel miserable, but I’m just miserable,” Vee said of not being able to kiss Jo or hold Vivi.

Vee, who recently revealed that she misses visiting sex shops with Jo, said that she would probably go to get tested again on Thursday of this week, as well as on Sunday. Vee said she was also happy that she now has the antibodies for COVID-19 “in her system.”

Vee referred to losing her sense of smell and taste as “the worst” and told her fans that although she’s thankful that her symptoms were mild and she didn’t end up in a hospital, not being able to smell or taste “sucks.”

Vee has been taking it easy while she recuperates

“I am 100% vaccinated, so that could have helped me, you know?” Vee also told her followers.

Vee did note, however, that today when she sprayed herself with body spray after her shower, she was able to smell it “a little bit.” She was extremely thankful and said, “I can’t deal! I need my senses.”

“I just wanted to share with you guys what my weekend’s been like. I’ve literally just been in bed, watching Netflix all weekend,” Vee shared.

Vee, who is “all done” having Jo’s babies, ended by telling her followers to “Be safe out there” and told them, “Keep your hand sanitizer on deck because we need it!”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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