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Teen Mom 2: Vee Rivera shares update on COVID-19 diagnosis, says ‘the worst has passed’

Teen Mom 2 star Vee Rivera is battling COVID-19 after recent diagnosis
Vee Rivera is feeling better after her COVID-19 diagnosis. Pic credit: MTV

Vee Rivera is the latest Teen Mom 2 star to contract COVID-19 over the past few days. Newbie Ashley Jones is also in recovery from the illness, and Kailyn Lowry also contracted it during her recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

However, Vee is not hiding the fact that she is sick and trying to get better after her latest diagnosis. She recently shared a video on social media giving followers an update about her condition.

Vee Rivera opens up about COVID-19 diagnosis

The Teen Mom 2 star recently shared a video to Instagram and revealed how she found out that she had contracted the disease.

“Morning guys, COVID queen here. Yeah I have COVID guys, let me tell you my story,” said Vee in the video. “So remember when I told you I had [gotten] tested… it had [come] up negative, so I’m over here thinking like it’s a cold especially since we got back from the water park.”

The MTV star noted that after experiencing two horrible days, she then started to feel better. “Saturday I was feeling more like myself but I told Jo ‘I can’t smell or taste anything so I know I have it, I know this is it,’ and he was like ‘No it’s not, I think it’s like a sinus thing,'” continued Vee.

However, she insisted on getting tested again, despite a previous test that showed up negative for signs of COVID-19.

The 28-year-old noted that she got tested and so did Jo and their 6-year-old daughter Vivi, but while their tests came up negative Vee’s test proved that she did indeed have COVID-19.

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Vee Rivera says the worst has passed

The Teen Mom 2 star continued to dish about her recent diagnosis in the video which was posted to Instagram.

“It’s crazy cause I feel like the worst has passed and I feel so much better I’m just still a little stuffy,” confessed Vee , who also admitted that the separation from her husband and daughter has her feeling miserable.

“I’m so sad sleeping in the bed by myself and Vivi keeps looking at me like ‘Do not come near me.’ She’s not having it,” commented Vee. “She does not wanna get near me and it is the saddest thing. I just wanna smell her, I wanna be able to smell her again. I wanna be able to kiss my husband, I’m miserable…”

The brunette beauty shared that she plans to get tested two more times. “I’m gonna get tested against Thursday and I think I’m gonna get tested again Sunday, so yeah, we’ll see how I feel. Let’s see if it’s out of my system.”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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