Teen Mom 2: Vee Rivera addresses pregnancy rumors, husband Jo makes rare appearance

Vee and Jo Rivera of Teen Mom 2
Vee Rivera was joined by her husband Jo Rivera as they shot down pregnancy rumors. Pic credit: MTV

Rumors have circulated that Vee Rivera is pregnant, so the Teen Mom 2 star enlisted the help of her husband Jo Rivera to address the gossip.

Nearly every cast member from the Teen Mom franchise has shared clickbait at some point on their social media accounts.

One of the latest clickbait articles to circulate on social media implies that Vee is pregnant with her second child.

Several of the cast members from the Teen Mom franchise have shared the clickbait article on their Instagram Stories, including Jade Cline and Briana DeJesus from Teen Mom 2 and Amber Portwood from Teen Mom OG.

The clickbait link shows pics of Vee hugging her husband Jo Rivera, and a pic of a sonogram along with the hashtag #BreakingNews and text that reads, “Congrats Vee & Jo!”

The link on the swipe-up leads to a story not related to the misleading headline, as is the case with most clickbait articles.

Vee and Jo Rivera respond to rumors she’s pregnant

Vee caught wind of the clickbait and felt she needed to clear the air and set the record straight when it comes to rumors she’s pregnant.

Teen Mom Shade Room shared screenshots and video of Vee’s Instagram Story in which she addressed the rumors.

Vee held the camera up as she walked around her yard and told her followers not to listen to rumors if they didn’t hear them directly out of her mouth and urged them to stop listening to “stupid, clickbait a** articles.”

Next, Vee enlisted her typically camera-shy hubby Jo Rivera to back her up, and he had fun with it.

“So there’s a rumor … there’s a rumor that I’m pregnant,” Vee tells her husband Jo Rivera, as she filmed him inside their kitchen.

“What do you have to say about this?” Vee asked Jo, who stood at their kitchen island.

“She ain’t pregnant,” Jo told the cameras. “Listen, I ain’t that good. I got lucky twice. There was only two rounds in the chamber. The clip is empty,” Jo joked.

Jo continued to joke and make Vee laugh when he told the cameras, “Listen, I got lucky. She ain’t pregnant and if she is, it ain’t mine.”

Vee, who admitted she misses visiting sex shops with Jo, went along with the joke, laughing, and told Jo not to give the media anymore ideas.

Vee told Jo jokingly, “You better stop! Now there’s gonna be another article [that I’m pregnant].”

jade cline of teen mom 2 shared clickbait that vee rivera is pregnant on instagram
The clickbait article implying Vee Rivera is pregnant, being shared by the casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 fans have known Jo Rivera for 12 years

Teen Mom 2 fans know Jo from the early seasons of 16 and Pregnant then Teen Mom 2, when he was a teenaged father, co-parenting his son Isaac with his baby mama, Kail Lowry.

Jo and Kail’s relationship didn’t last and he eventually went on the meet Vee during a video music shoot and they ended up welcoming a daughter together, Vivi, and getting married in 2018.

Surprising to many, Vee has a good relationship with Jo’s ex, Kail — so good, in fact, that they co-host a podcast together, Baby Mamas No Drama.

Vee has already made it clear that she doesn’t want any more babies. Over the summer, one of Vee’s followers joked that she would be adding another baby to her brood but she told them she’s “all done” having kids.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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