Teen Mom 2 stars Jade Cline and Leah Messer celebrate Women’s History Month, share what makes them empowered

Teen Mom 2 stars Jade Cline and Leah Messer
Teen Mom 2 co-stars Jade Cline and Leah Messer talked about feeling “empowered” during Women’s History Month. Pic credit: MTV

March is Women’s History Month and two Teen Mom 2 stars, Jade Cline and Leah Messer spoke about what makes them feel empowered as women.

Jade and Leah are Teen Mom 2 castmates and also appeared together on the first season of Teen Mom Family Reunion.

In a bonus video on the official Teen Mom Instagram page, Jade and Leah answered questions to celebrate Women’s History Month.

“Celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth allllll month long with some of the beautiful, inspiring, + strong mamas we know and love so much. ?” read the caption on the post.

Jade Cline, Leah Messer share what makes them feel empowered as women

Jade started off the video by sharing what makes her feel empowered as a woman.

“Doing things on my own, doing things without a man paying my bills, without anybody else,” Jade said. “I feel like I’m an empowered woman because I’m independent.”

Next, Leah appeared on screen and shared, “I think that us women handle a lot. I think women handle a lot each and every day. I know I definitely do.”

“Giving birth to my daughters and you know everything for them, like, that empowers me,” Leah told the camera.

Teen Mom 2 stars share their recent accomplishments

A question popped up next that Jade read aloud. It asked, “What’s an accomplishment you’ve made, or something you’re proud of recently?”

Jade’s accomplishment she chose to share was her women-owned business, which she has put a lot of work into. She recently announced the opening of her beauty salon, Mane and Marble Hair Studios.

For Leah’s turn, she said, “I definitely just finished my real estate course, so I am so proud of myself. That real estate course was crazy, so I’m super proud of myself for doing that.”

As Monsters & Critics reported last year, Leah announced that she was beginning her path to a career in real estate.

Another question that MTV’s producers asked the moms was, “Who is a woman that you look up to?”

Jade answered, “My grandma. She’s so hard-working and she’s unconditionally loving.” Teen Mom 2 viewers might remember Jade’s grandma, who appeared on several episodes and owns a family restaurant where Jade once worked.

Leah chose her three daughters, Ali, Aleeah, and Addie, as the women she looks up to. “They definitely inspired me to be a better mom each and every single day.

As far as valuable lessons that Jade and Leah have learned from important women in their lives, Jade praised her grandma once again, saying she instilled independence in her. Jade said her grandma was also her biggest cheerleader and pushed her to do things in life she might not normally have otherwise.

Leah also mentioned her grandmother, who went through many struggles when Leah was a young child. Leah said she learned from her grandmother how to be independent financially, put herself first, and provide a good foundation for her girls.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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