Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus issues official statement on Kail Lowry leaking texts to Javi Marroquin

Briana DeJesus from Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus issued a statement after Kail Lowry leaked a text message between her and Javi Marroquin. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is speaking out after Kail Lowry leaked her text conversations with Javi Marroquin.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kail shared Javi’s private text messages online that showed a conversation from last year in which Briana asked him to meet up for dinner.

“I may be going to Delaware to film a podcast with Chris,” the text from Briana to Javi read. “Maybe we can do dinner or something then. Probably end of February early March.”

Briana initially took to her Instagram Stories, where she implied that it wasn’t her who sent the texts, citing the absence of her phone number on the pics. She also shared messages between herself and Javi before threatening to release more, if necessary.

Now, Briana has spoken on the issue once again, this time giving an official statement.

Briana DeJesus’ official statement on Kail Lowry leaking texts with Javi Marroquin

“Since Kailyn Lowry decided to SUE ME, I have not discussed her online,” Briana told Celebuzz. The 27-year-old reality TV star claimed she even reached out to clickbait agencies and asked them not to share any stories related to her nemesis, Kail Lowry, on her social media.

“In fact, I even went as far as to instruct story-sharing companies I work with to refrain from sharing stories about her as I don’t want any drama with her going forward,” Briana added. “I have also tried to keep as low a profile as possible with discussing anything pertaining to her. With that being said, though, I find it completely ridiculous that she has decided to YET AGAIN start drama with me by leaking texts between Javi and I.”

Briana attributed Kail leaking the texts to the fact that Kail was jealous about Briana appearing as a guest on Chris Lopez’s podcast, despite Kail having Briana’s ex, Devoin Austin, on her podcast last year.

Briana calls out Kail for hosting Devoin Austin on podcast last season on Teen Mom 2

“While she’s clearly salty about the fact that I went on Chris’s podcast, let’s review a BASIC FACT- SHE HAD DEVOIN ON HER PODCAST FIRST. Did you see me make a stink about it? Did I even mention it? No,” Briana ranted.

“You want to talk messy? That was STRAIGHT UP messy,” Briana said of Kail having Devoin on her podcast. “Yet somehow when it’s the reverse it’s me who is ‘messy’ for going on Chris’ [podcast].”

Briana felt that Kail timed the leak of the texts to coincide with Episode 2 of Teen Mom 2 this season. In the episode, Briana met Chris in Philadelphia to record the podcast and have a little fun while they were at it, visiting a local rage room.

She also talked about Javi sharing the texts with Kail, which she called a “weird attempt” to tarnish her reputation.

“Of course I told [Javi] I wouldn’t share that as I knew he didn’t want to be in the drama at the time, Briana pointed out. “With that being said, though, he clearly gave these texts to Kail in some weird attempt to make me look bad.”

In closing, Briana stated that she feels Kail is making repeated attempts to “destroy” her and mentioned that Kail timed the leak of the texts before the episode of Teen Mom 2, from which Kail was absent.

“It’s also interesting to note she decided to pull this stunt on the day she’s NOT featured on a Teen Mom 2 episode,” Briana added. “That seems salty to me, not to mention WAY too coincidental.”

“I’d best advise she stops playing games with me, especially as we’re both involved a lawsuit she started,” Briana concluded her statement. “I’ve already made my lawyer aware of her latest move. Thanks again, Kailyn. Stay classy.”

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