Teen Mom 2 spoiler: Jade Cline’s mom Christy is going to jail, viewers urge her to cut ties

Jade Cline and her mom Christy on Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 viewers think it’s time that Jade Cline moves on from her mother, Christy. Pic credit: MTV

Jade Cline has a tumultuous relationship with her mom Christy and Teen Mom 2 fans think it’s time she cuts the cord on their relationship.

As Teen Mom 2 viewers have learned from watching the show, Christy struggles with drug addiction which has resulted in her serving jail time, as well as a multitude of other issues within her family.

Last season, Teen Mom 2 fans were appalled when Christy disappeared with Jade’s prescription for pain medication following her Brazilian butt lift surgery and didn’t return for hours, only to inform her that she was unable to fill the prescription.

Teen Mom 2 spoiler: Jade Cline’s mom Christy to serve jail time

Now, in a preview for the March 22 episode of Teen Mom 2, Jade is faced with yet another challenge when her mom tells her she’ll soon be serving jail time.

Jade asked her mom to help watch her daughter Kloie while she worked at her new salon. When Jade returned home, she and Christy sat on the couch, and that’s when Christy dropped a bomb on her daughter.

According to Christy’s explanation, her boyfriend was pulled over for possession of drug paraphernalia, and she was wrongfully charged and took a plea deal which meant she would have to serve 45 days in jail.

Jade looked shocked and upset upon hearing the news and was mostly silent during the clip, seen below. Teen Mom 2 viewers who watched the preview clip reacted in the comments section, where many of them urged Jade to move on from her mother.

Teen Mom 2 viewers show concern for Jade, urge her to cut ties with mom Christy

“Let her go jade. It will be hard but you have to break this generational cycle,” wrote one of Jade’s supporters.

Another Teen Mom 2 viewer felt as though Jade used her mom for childcare out of desperation and penned, “I hate to say it but I feel like Jade is always willing to give her mom another chance when Sean isn’t around because she wants someone to take care of her daughter.”

One Teen Mom 2 fan felt that Jade wasn’t doing anything to break the cycle she experienced as a child and commented, “She’s putting her daughter through exactly what she went through as a child.”

teen mom 2 viewers on youtube urged jade cline to sever ties with her mom christy
Pic credit: MTV’s Teen Mom/YouTube

“I feel bad for Jade,” penned another one of Jade’s supporters. “She’s really trying to give her mom a chance to change but she’s not going to. This specific circumstance is unfortunate though.”

Teen Mom 2 fans have previously voiced their concerns for Jade, fearing that she stays with her on-again boyfriend Sean Austin, a recovering addict, and keeps a relationship with her mom because she needs the help with Kloie and is scared to be alone.

Be sure to tune in tonight and see how the rest of Jade’s storyline plays out.

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