Teen Mom 2: Sean Austin reveals the steps he’s taking to maintain his sobriety after his time in rehab

Teen Mom 2 cast member Sean Austin talks life after his stint in rehab.
Sean Austin talks about his addiction. Pic credit: MTV

Sean Austin shocked Teen Mom 2 viewers when he abruptly packed his bags and checked into rehab to deal with his addiction in a past episode. While the storyline is just playing out on the show, Sean has long since completed his three-month stint at the rehab facility and is still maintaining his sobriety today.

Since getting help, his girlfriend Jade Cline has been raving about the drastic changes that he has made following his decision to get sober.

Sean recently opened up about his years-long battle with substance abuse–a storyline that has played out many times on the show–and what he’s been doing since leaving rehab to remain sober.

Sean Austin shares how he maintains his sobriety

The Teen Mom 2 star opened up about his life after rehab during an Instagram Live a few hours ago, and he explained what he’s been doing to stay on the straight and narrow.

Some of the highlights from Sean’s video were shared by THE ASHLEY, and he admitted to virtual 12-step meetings as one way of maintaining his sobriety.

“I don’t have very many close friends [now] who I could call on if I needed something,” noted Sean. “I’m kind of like Jade in that sense, I like to do things myself. But I definitely have cut off a lot of people.”

He added, ” I have a good circle of people if I need to call somebody or talk to somebody. I still talk to a lot of people that I recovered that are still doing good that I keep in touch with.”

Sean Austin thought he was hiding his addiction well

Sean noted that rewatching old Teen Mom 2 episodes is not triggering for him, but he finally saw what viewers have noticed for years.

I actually thought I had [my addiction] hidden well,” revealed Sean. “I actually thought I had everyone fooled, you know what I mean? When I rewatch it, it’s a perfect example of what I don’t want to look like, and how I don’t want to be portrayed as and how I don’t want to be.”

The reality TV personality uses those old episodes as lessons and a “good reminder that I’m in a better spot right now and I don’t have to live that way anymore.”

He continued, “That’s who I needed to find at the end of the day, myself. And [I had to] come to terms with things I hadn’t [come] to terms with, and get s**t off my chest that I didn’t know I needed to get off my chest.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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