Teen Mom 2: Kail Lowry says she’s spent $80,000 in lawyer fees in custody battle with Chris Lopez

Chris Lopez, Lux and Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry claimed she has spent $80,000 on lawyers amid her custody battle with Chris Lopez. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry admitted to spending a large amount of money in her custody battle with her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

Kail and Chris share two sons, Lux, 4, and Creed, 1, and co-parenting hasn’t exactly gone smoothly for the exes — in fact, Chris said co-parenting with Kail is the “worst job in the world.”

Last season on Teen Mom 2, viewers watched as Kail and Chris took matters to court in an attempt to put a visitation schedule in place.

When Chris proposed taking Lux and Creed “all summer,” Kail said she couldn’t “justify” Chris’s request, so they presented their custody issues to a judge.

Kail was unable to share the details, however, per the judge’s request, telling MTV cameras during the episode, “This is not a matter of me not wanting to share, this is a matter of the judge stating in our court documents that this is not to be discussed or shared on social media or the TV show.”

Kail Lowry says she’s spent $80k on custody battle with Chris Lopez

Now, Kail is claiming that she has spent a lot of money — $80,000 to be exact — amid her custody battle with Chris Lopez.

On Tuesday, September 14’s episode of her podcast Baby Mamas No Drama, Kail revealed to her co-host, Vee Rivera, that she has shelled out nearly $80,000 in her custody battle.

Although Kail didn’t specify which baby daddy she was talking about, it only makes sense that it would be Chris and not Jo Rivera nor Javi Marroquin.

Kail has said that she and Jo keep their interactions limited and try to make them only about their son, Isaac, 11.

And lately, Teen Mom 2 fans know that Kail and Javi have been getting along better and co-parenting their son, Lincoln, 7, smoothly.

But Kail and Chris have a rocky past they can’t seem to overcome and their feud has intensified lately.

Will Kail and Chris’s troubles play out on Teen Mom 2 next season?

When Kail shared a screenshot of a text message exchange between herself and Chris, accusing him of fat-shaming her, it was the last straw for her third baby daddy.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Chris deactivated his Instagram account shortly after Kail labeled him as a fat-shamer, although he denied that was his intention in the text, and said that he “will always have love” for his baby mama.

kail lowry accused chris lopez of fat shaming her on Instagram stories
Kail and Chris’s text exchange that she considered fat-shaming. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

During last season’s Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Kail divulged that she and Chris are required to attend court-ordered therapy. Judging by their co-parenting relationship, it’s safe to say that they either haven’t started therapy yet or it’s clearly not working very well.

Recently, Kail has been giving off vibes that she might be cutting ties with Teen Mom 2. She admitted that she isn’t filming new episodes for the show, ironically coinciding with Chris signing a contract with MTV.

Teen Mom 2 fans think that Kail isn’t quitting the show, but is waiting for MTV to cut ties with Chris before she resumes filming new episodes.

Although Kail said it wasn’t a refusal, she recently told her fans that she’s “choosing not” to continue filming for Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 fans have a lot of questions and it will certainly be interesting to see how Kail and Chris’s relationship plays out next season and how much of their dirty laundry will actually get airtime. Stay tuned!

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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