Teen Mom 2: Kail Lowry says ‘Never say never’ to getting back together with Javi Marroquin

Javi Marroquin and Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry is open to the possibility of rekindling her romance with ex Javi Marroquin. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry isn’t giving up hope when it comes to getting back together with her ex, Javi Marroquin.

Kail and Javi have sparked rumors recently that they’ve rekindled their romance, as they’ve been spending more time together.

Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin spark dating rumors

The former couple seems to be getting along better than ever. They’ve recently partnered up for a business venture involving kids’ sports camps, inspired by their son, Lincoln, an avid athlete. Kail even admitted that she would vacation with Javi, since their co-parenting efforts are going so well.

And speaking of vacationing, Kail was recently in the Dominican Republic (where she and all four boys contracted COVID-19), and Javi “came through hard” for his ex. Javi translated between Kail and the Spanish-speaking doctors when Kail’s son Creed needed stitches after a fall.

Kail and Javi also took a united stance against Javi’s estranged fiance, Lauren Comeau, after her alleged domestic incident when she reportedly “hit and kicked” Javi during a drop-off for their son, Eli. The two teamed up on an Instagram live video when Kail took aim at Lauren.

Kail told Lauren via social media, “This is not something that I’m going to allow my ex-husband to go down for. Just not going to happen because my son is also affected by this. Be real. Own your s**t like the rest of us.”

Kail says ‘Never say never’ about rekindling romance with Javi

Now, Kail is officially speaking out about the possibility of her and Javi becoming a couple again in a new interview.

Kail spoke with Hollywood Life and spilled the tea on her possible romance with her ex-husband and baby daddy, Javi Marroquin.

“I won’t say that we will never get back together because I feel like ‘never say never,’ but I do really like where we’re at right now,” Kail told Hollywood Life. 

The 29-year-old mother of four admitted that she and Javi are on good terms right now, but revealed that although she isn’t actively seeking a relationship, she wouldn’t shoot down the idea of rekindling her romance with her 28-year-old baby daddy.

“We’re getting along and having our space and things like that. I just don’t — I’m honestly just not looking for a relationship with anyone. But, I’m not going to say I would never get back with him,” Kail added.

Kail opened up about what she would seek in a potential partner, whether it be Javi or someone else. She made it clear that she’s not interested in a “clingy” significant other, but would like someone to share life with when she isn’t busy with her four kids.

The Teen Mom 2 star isn’t interested in a ‘clingy’ companion

“I feel like I need someone who’s just as driven as me, especially when it comes to school and work and things like that. And I want someone who is wanting their space to where we don’t have to, like, spend all of our time together, because obviously, I have four kids,” Kail added.

“And my first priority is them. So I just want someone who’s not, like, clingy but can be a companion when I don’t have my kids with me,” the MTV star revealed.

Kail and Javi got married in 2012 after meeting in a mall where Kail worked at a retail store. Javi popped the question after dating for nine months and they made their union official at a Delaware courthouse. Kail and Javi later wed (again) a year later, in front of family and friends, before welcoming their son, Lincoln, just a few months later.

The couple remained married for five years, before calling it quits in 2017. Since then, Javi has welcomed a second son, Eli, with his ex-fiancee, Lauren Comeau.

Kail has four sons with three baby daddies — she shares son Isaac, 12, with Jo Rivera, son Lincoln, 9, with Javi Marroquin, and sons Lux, 4, and Creed, 1, with Chris Lopez.

Are Kail and Javi using each other?

The time that Kail and Javi have spent together recently has Teen Mom 2 fans talking — are Kail and Javi using each other? Some fans have speculated that Kail and Javi are trying to spite Lauren by hinting at getting back together.

Some Teen Mom 2 fans have considered the fact that ratings for the show have plummeted this season, so a romance between Kail and Javi may be just what the franchise needs to bring its viewership back to life.

Given their history and their undying chemistry — who could forget the infamous Wawa parking lot incident? — a rekindled romance between Kail and Javi wouldn’t be surprising to fans of Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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