Teen Mom 2: Kail Lowry gives update on home-building process, plus where does she live now?

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry updated fans on her home-building process. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry updated her fans on the pros and cons of her home-building process and talked about her plans to sell it.

Kail has been talking about her new home construction on social media, sharing design ideas and asking for suggestions from her fans.

The 29-year-old MTV star took some time to sit down and answer a list of questions after receiving a lot of interest in her home’s construction.

Kail Lowry answers home build Q&A

On her Instagram page, Kail included a video of her Q&A and told her followers, “Home build Q&A: Part 1.”

“You guys asked & I’m answering! If you have any other questions or want a part ✌? let me know in the comments ?”

Kail disclosed that the home she currently has under construction will be quite spacious, with just under 5,000 square feet, as opposed to her current home with 3,000 square feet.

Kail’s former home in Middletown, Delaware had 7,000 square feet, so she felt that somewhere in between her current home and her former home would be a good amount of space to house herself, her four sons, and their pets.

Although building a new home should be an exciting process, Kail shared what the most stressful aspects of her experience have been.

Kail Lowry admits her home-building process has been stressful

She noted that since it was her first time building a home, it was stressful not knowing the process and not having anyone to guide her along the way. Kail also pointed out that how a home looks on blueprints can give an entirely different feel once you see it in-person.

This led to issues for Kail, who had to shut down construction while she had her builders reconfigure the layout of her house. The room sizes she originally chose looked good “on paper,” but weren’t as spacious as she wanted them — so there was a bit of a holdup on construction, but things are moving along once again.

Currently, Kail is living in her Smyrna, Delaware home that she purchased about six years ago while she was still married to Javi Marroquin. The home was previously being rented while she was living in her Middletown house, where she gave birth to her youngest son, Creed.

Selling her Middletown house was emotional for Kail. She shared a post on Instagram earlier this year and told her followers, “This house is the physical manifestation of both the lowest and highest points of my life – the best point being Creed’s birth.”

When asked what she was most excited about in her new home, Kail’s answer was the first-floor master bedroom. Another feature that has Kail looking forward to moving again is two sets of washers and dryers — one on the main level, and another set upstairs to accommodate the kids and any guests.

The Teen Mom 2 star admits she ‘hates this process’

Kail revealed that her decision to change the room sizes and reconfigure the entire first level of her home set the build back about six weeks. Originally slated to be finished in October 2021, Kail said that realistically, she expects the house to be done closer to January 2022.

Instead of a traditional basement in her home, Kail chose to forgo one, citing “out of sight, out of mind,” when it comes to having another part of the house that needs to be straightened up after the kids use it. Instead of a basement, Kail will be building a billiards and movie room.

Kail, who is open to doing an HGTV spinoff show, was honest when she was asked about her favorite part of the process. She admitted that she doesn’t have one because she “hates this process.”

It’s probably safe to say that Kail won’t be building any more homes any time soon. The mom of four did have a sweet moment with her boys when they took turns writing affirmations on the beams of their rooms in the new house. Kail shared that the moment was filmed by MTV and will be featured on a future episode of Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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