Teen Mom 2: Kail Lowry explains how she and Vee Rivera worked through their ‘situation’

Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera
Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera were able to work through their issues and continue to be friends and podcast together. Pic credit: MT

Kail Lowry explained to her fans how she and her Teen Mom 2 co-star, friend, and podcast co-host Vee Rivera were able to work through their “situation” last year.

Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kail and Vee were able to work through their feud last year that almost cost them their friendship and their jobs co-hosting their podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama.

The duo has a unique relationship, with Vee married to Kail’s ex and first baby daddy, Jo Rivera. Kail and Vee haven’t always gotten along, but in recent years reconciled and launched Baby Mamas No Drama together.

Vee Rivera betrayed Kail Lowry, threatening their friendship and podcasts

However, their new and improved relationship hasn’t come without any bumps in the road. Last summer, Kail and Vee had a falling out that had them reconsidering their future together as podcast co-hosts and friends.

As Monsters & Critics reported, this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 depicted the events that lead to the fallout. Vee had reached out to Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin four years ago to leak her pregnancy with her son Lux.

Vee also told Javi that Kail cheated on him during their marriage and the baby they lost to miscarriage likely wasn’t his.

kail lowry explained how she and vee rivera worked through their feud
Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

The situation was a touchy one, but Kail and Vee were eventually able to work through it, after taking some time to think about their future together.

Kail explains to Teen Mom 2 fans how she and Vee worked through their situation

On Tuesday, Kail answered some questions in her Instagram Stories while she waited for her hair to process at the salon, telling her fans, “Ask me anything while I wait.”

“How did you get past the vee situation,” read one of Kail’s fans’ questions.

Kail answered and explained how she gave Vee grace and mentioned that she’s also done things she’s regretted and would hope she would be treated the same.

“We have all done things we aren’t proud of,” Kail told her followers. “We have all been in a bad spot in our lives & projected. I know I have.”

During the episode, Vee and Kail met up to talk it out in person. Vee explained that at the time she spoke to Javi behind Kail’s back, she was going through some suffering of her own and possibly did it to inflict pain on others to make herself feel better.

However, Vee acknowledged what she did was wrong, apologized to Kail, and the two have been good ever since.

“If I didn’t/couldn’t forgive & move forward, I would be a hypocrite for wanting people to do the same for me at times in my life,” Kail added.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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