Teen Mom 2: Kail Lowry dishes on reconciling with Briana DeJesus

Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry
Kail dished on whether she’s open to reconciling with her longtime nemesis, Briana DeJesus. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Kail Lowry and her former Teen Mom 2 castmate Briana DeJesus have been on the outs for years — so is Kail ready to make nice?

The feud between Kail and Briana began in 2017 when Briana began dating Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin following their divorce.

Things culminated last summer when Kail filed a defamation of character lawsuit against Briana, which a judge later dismissed.

With so much animosity between Kail and Briana, Teen Mom 2 fans have often wondered if they’ll ever be on good terms.

Kail Lowry on reconciliation with former Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus: ‘I would never be cool with her’

During the July 8 episode of her podcast, Barely Famous, Kail fielded some previously submitted questions from listeners, which she answered solo during the episode.

Kail read one of the questions from a listener: “Would you reconcile with Briana if she apologized and wanted to be cool?”

“Um, the short answer to that is no,” Kail began her response.” Um, I don’t have any… I feel very indifferent about everything. I think enough time has passed that I feel indifferent. I don’t… I truly do not feel anything. I don’t feel hate, love, resentment. I don’t feel anything, and I think that’s for me, that’s a good thing, and I don’t want to… no, I would never be cool with her.”

Briana claimed she’s looking forward to an ‘improved relationship’ with Kail

Although Kail doesn’t foresee herself ever making up with Briana, Briana told a different story last month when she spoke to Us Weekly following their lawsuit’s dismissal.

“I look forward to an improved relationship with Kail,” Briana shared, adding, “Our relationship is certainly better now that communications are not being relayed through the funnel of bad legal advice.”

Although Briana was hopeful for an improved relationship with Kail, she didn’t help matters when she mocked Kail’s new boyfriend, Elijah Scott, in an Instagram post last month. When a Teen Mom 2 fan account compared Elijah to Stephan Alexander of Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant, whom they coined “Broccoli Head,” Briana responded with a crying-laughing emoji.

Now that the lawsuit has been dismissed and Kail has paid up her end of the bargain — paying Briana over $120,000 in legal fees — Kail is focusing on her podcasts since leaving Teen Mom 2 behind, as well as her new relationship with Elijah, and raising her four sons Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and is set to premiere in the near future.

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1 year ago

I don’t blame Kail at all!!! Briana is a psycho immature little girl/skank who can’t keep her legs closed and LOVES to sleep with Kailyn’s exes!!! Plus she CAN’T keep her mouth shut alongside being a bully!!! Briana seriously needs help in the psych ward for a extended period of time!!!! What person does Briana think she is by making fun of Kailyn’s weight by sending her a treadmill and mental health knowing that Kail has a medical condition that caused her weight where she’s currently working on it without using plastic surgery to fix it!!! Where as to Briana relies upon plastic surgery to lose her weight. She’s absolutely no mother just like Farrah, Amber, and Jenelle!!!