Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans speaks out amid lawsuit threats from Deavan Clegg, calls her ‘ungrateful’

Jenelle Evans and Deavan Clegg
Jenelle Evans takes aim at Deavan Clegg calling her “ungrateful.” Pic credit: MTV/TLC

Jenelle Evans, former star of Teen Mom 2 has had some ongoing drama lately with 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg.

Jenelle and Deavan were originally teaming up to do the podcast GirlS**t together but it fell through when Deavan learned more about Jenelle’s past and some of the questionable things she’d been involved with.

Deavan reportedly told the podcast owner that she refused to work with Jenelle after the things she had learned and this allegedly led to Jenelle’s firing.

The two of them have continued to go back and forth in videos and social media posts and have made various accusations against one another.

According to TMZ, Deavan is now planning to sue Jenelle for “defamation and cyberstalking” and is working on obtaining a lawyer.

Now, Jenelle is speaking out about Deavan’s plan to pursue a lawsuit and has called her “ungrateful.”

Jenelle Evans calls Deavan Clegg ‘ungrateful’ amid pending lawsuit

Jenelle opened up to InTouch and shared her thoughts on the entire situation.

She said, “After her stunts and lies regarding the podcast situation, I stopped communicating with her. It wasn’t until my fans started sending me the weird postings she did about me. She went LIVE multiple times to speak about me, my husband and kids. Did she not expect me to defend myself or respond?”

In regard to the podcast situation, Jenelle claimed that other girls made her aware that Deavan was looking for ways to “undermine” her and get her removed from the production.

She also felt that Deavan searching through old articles about her husband and kids “crossed the line.”

Jenelle said, “It is unfortunate she causes all this destruction and expects for everyone else to pay the price. She went after me and my family when I gave her an opportunity to help her career, I actually considered her a friend, that’s why I invited her during casting for the show. Instead, she wanted to take over the show, get me fired from the project I pitched to her on the very first day.”

She added, “She is ungrateful and it’s all very unfortunate. She ruined a good opportunity for many women, not just me. Everyone is suffering the consequences of a very selfish person. If you have questions, go watch my YouTube video where I address the undoing of the podcast. At the end of the day, my contract proves I was a producer as I’ve said all along.”

Jenelle and Deavan continue to make accusations toward one another

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Jenelle accused Deavan of stealing her Xanax.

In response to the accusation, Deavan alleged that Jenelle had been drinking and driving.

Jenelle went into full detail regarding the podcast situation and the back and forth drama on her YouTube page.

From the sound of it, Jenelle may be facing more legal issues if Deavan follows through on her threat to hire a lawyer and pursue a lawsuit.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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