Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans says she’s been ‘canceled’ MTV alum talks ‘hate campaign’ against her

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans claims she's been canceled after being dropped by clothing company
Jenelle Evans talks about the hate campaign against her. Pic credit:@JenelleEason/YouTube

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans is still devastated after her clothing line got axed only days before its launch date. Jenelle shared a few days ago that haters called the company that was creating the pieces for her brand and shared details about her past.

Once they read the information, the company no longer wanted to work with her, and they won’t allow Jenelle to release the line on her website either.

The controversial MTV alum tearfully shared the news with her followers on TikTok recently and she later took to YouTube to open up about being targeted and canceled by haters.

Jenelle Evans says there’s a hate campaign against her

The former Teen Mom 2 star is one of the most hated cast members from the franchise and her behavior has a lot to do with that. In a YouTube video titled “Who #Canceled Me?” Jenelle opened up about her clothing line debacle and claimed that it happened because people have been targeting her.

“So I wanted to talk today–I wasn’t even gonna address this but, who canceled me? Why did it happen? What’s going on?” started Jenelle in the video.

Before getting into things, Jenelle pointed out that her eyes were red and puffy from crying for the past two days after getting bad news about her clothing line.

As we recently found out, the partnership between her and Sew Sew You was swiftly canceled after the company got knowledge of Jenelle’s past. However, the mom-of-three says these issues are a result of a “literal hate campaign” against her.

Jenelle mentioned a Facebook Teen Mom group “that’s constantly posting about me…And then there’s also Reddit that is talking about me.” She also shared screenshots in both cases of the messages posted by the groups in question.

“These two groups, in particular, have been harassing me in my life ever since I’ve been off Teen Mom. These two groups have thousands and thousands of followers on Facebook and Reddit. [They] have the same haters…They basically just bring up my past,” she continued.

Jenelle Evans says she’s been canceled before

While talking about her latest roadblock with her activewear line, the Teen Mom 2 alum said she’s been trying to change but “people are just preventing this from happening.”

She went into a more detailed explanation about why she was dropped by the clothing company and explained that many people were reaching out and sending hate due to their affiliation with her.

“Long story short, they said they don’t have the capacity to handle all this hate mail,” revealed Jenelle. “My opportunity is just taken again.”

“I’ll move on from this and this has happened to me plenty of times before, as everyone knows, I’ve been canceled before it just hurts my feelings,” Jenelle added.

Check out Jenelle’s emotional video below.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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