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Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans and mom Barbara bump heads over Jace’s birthday and therapy!

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle talks on phone to mother
Barb has a go at Jenelle about Jace’s birthday party on Teen Mom 2

This week on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans and her mom Barb continue to clash over Jenelle’s son Jace.

Barb calls Jenelle whist she’s driving to see if she’s booked Jace’s birthday party. Jenelle tells her she hasn’t yet as she’s been busy with other birthdays.

She then gets really wound up and asks Barb that if she wants custody of Jace “SO BAD” why does she want her to sort out his party “SO BAD”.

Barb and Jenelle talk through car window
Things are not getting any better between Jenelle and Barb, and the boys get to hear it all

They agree to meet up but just end up arguing even more, this time about Jace’s therapy sessions. Barb says that Jenelle need to attend some of them with Jace, and on her own not with David in tow.

Also on this episode, a court date could ruin Kailyn Lowry’s vacation and Chelsea tries to change Aubree’s custody deal. Meantime, Stella has to be rushed to hospital and Leah and Corey have concerns about Gracie.

We told today how Jenelle said she didn’t regret her latest “tweet and delete” episode, which followed an ugly row with former friend  Ryan Dolph.

#TeenMom2: Jenelle and Barbara

TONIGHT: Jenelle and Barbara bump heads while discussing Jace's upcoming birthday and his recent visit to therapy.

Posted by Teen Mom 2 on Monday, October 9, 2017

Teen Mom 2 airs on Mondays at 9:00 PM on MTV.

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