Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans and Bar Smith exchange jabs after David Eason mocks Kail Lowry

David Eason and Kail Lowry
David took aim at Kail, causing a feud between his wife Jenelle and Bar Smith from Teen Mom. Pic credit: © Malafronte/StarMaxWorldwide

David Eason, Jenelle Evans, Kail Lowry, and Bar Smith are involved in a Teen Mom tangled web.

The back and forth started after David — who was fired by MTV in 2018 for homophobic and transphobic remarks — mocked Kail Lowry.

Rumors have been circulating that Kail secretly gave birth to her fifth child with her boyfriend, Elijah Scott. Kail has yet to officially confirm or deny the rumors, but in the meantime, Teen Mom fans and critics are still talking about it.

David took to Facebook to mock the situation, writing, “Congrats to Kail for giving birth to your secret baby! #notafoodbaby.”

He later added that he wasn’t body-shaming anyone but joked that he was congratulating Kail on her sixth baby and seventh baby daddy.

Another dad from the Teen Mom franchise, Bar Smith (husband of Ashley Jones), got involved when he took to Twitter to make a sarcastic remark about David’s comments.

David Eason derides Kail Lowry, Jenelle Evans fires back at Bar Smith mocking her husband

“He wants to be with kail and settled for jenelle I’m convinced at this point….. buddy need to f**k jenelle so maybe he would feel better about himself,” Bar tweeted.

Jenelle caught wind that Bar tweeted about her husband and entered the ring with her own rebuttal.

“Question why is [Bar Smith] all up in my personal life all the time? Bro, this is why no one likes you. Focus on yourself and YOUR family,” Jenelle tweeted.

Teen Mom Fanz on Instagram captured all of the social media jabs and shared them on their page. In the comments section, Teen Mom fans mostly sided with Bar, bashing Jenelle and David.

Bar himself commented on the post, noting that he didn’t want to give it any attention but thanked the swarm of Teen Mom fans who took his side in the feud.

Teen Mom 2 fans react to cast feud

One of Bar’s supporters questioned why David and Jenelle are in “everyone’s business” and rhetorically asked why no one likes them.

Another Teen Mom fan gave Bar a pass for his participation in the squabble, despite voicing that men should “stay outta stuff like this.”

comments on IG about david eason, kail lowry, jenelle evans, and bar smith
Pic credit: @teenmomfanz/Instagram

“Actually Janelle, it’s YOU that no one likes,” read another comment from a Teen Mom fan.

Jenelle and David are arguably two of the most controversial castmates to appear in the Teen Mom franchise. And although they no longer appear on MTV, they still find ways to make headlines by sharing their two cents about other Teen Mom cast members.

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