Teen Mom 2: Jade Cline wants to connect with fans of the show, plans to share more of her day-to-day life

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2
Jade Cline wants to keep her fans in the loop when it comes to her day-to-day life. Pic credit: MTV

Jade Cline wants to connect more with her Teen Mom 2 fans so she promised to share more of her daily life with them.

Jade told her fans to stay tuned for some upcoming videos she’ll be sharing of her day-to-day routine.

Jade Cline looking to create more content, connect with Teen Mom 2 fans

The 24-year-old Teen Mom 2 star told her fans in her Instagram Stories, “Been wanting to really connect with you guys and create more content.”

She continued, “So I’m going to be posting some videos of my day to day life ? Stay tuned for my morning routine and getting Kloie ready for daycare.”

Jade took to her TikTok account on Thursday, October 21 to share the first of such videos, showing how she gets herself and her three-year-old daughter Kloie up and ready for the day.

Jade, who recently wrapped filming for the Teen Mom spinoff show, captioned her video, “Get ready with me and klo ? #myfinALLYmoment #SaveIt4TheEndZone #halloween #fall #getreadywithme”

Jade shares her first ‘get ready with me’ video with daughter Kloie

In the video, Jade’s dog, Teddy, adorably woke up Kloie (admittedly not a morning person, per Jade) by gently giving her puppy kisses, which Jade said instantly puts Kloie in a good mood.

jade cline told her fans on instagram she wants to connect with them more
Jade wants to connect more with her fans. Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

Next, Jade showed footage of Kloie picking out matching tie-dye t-shirts for them to wear as Jade provided a voiceover detailing their routine.

Jade brought Kloie a bowl of cereal and sat a chair in front of the TV for her to watch her favorite cartoons while Jade got ready in the next room.

Jade said that next, she starts fixing Kloie’s hair once she’s almost done with her own. She demonstrated how she uses a flat iron to straighten her “crazy” hair and showed off her favorite makeup products she used to get ready that day for a “simple” look.

She chose some fun, “festive” orange and purple eyeshadow colors to match her and Kloie’s matching tie-dye t-shirts.

As Jade finished up her look for the day, she videoed Kloie heading for the front door, toys in her arm, ready for daycare.

As Jade drove off in her car, she told the camera, “Thanks for getting ready with us, guys.”

Jade hasn’t shared any other “get ready with us” videos on social media as of the publish date of this article, but so far, Jade’s TikTok video has garnered 1,528 likes.

While Jade is looking to connect more with her fans, her critics recently called her out for being a “disappointment” to Kloie after sharing racy, cleavage-baring pics.

Jade defended herself, telling her fans, “I show some cleavage and the whole internet loses their minds lol.”

Jade’s fans can keep an eye out for more pics and videos, as well as a premiere date for her appearance on the Teen Mom spinoff show.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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