Teen Mom 2: Jade Cline pays tribute to her father who committed suicide, fans show support

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2
Jade Cline remembered her father during suicide prevention month. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline opened up about her father’s death during suicide prevention month and her fans showed their support.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have come to learn that Jade had an unstable home life that continues to haunt her today.

Viewers watched last season on Teen Mom 2 as Jade’s mom Christy and stepdad Corey disappeared for over three hours while supposedly filling her prescriptions, leaving her in agonizing pain after a Brazilian butt lift and 360° liposuction surgery.

Jade’s mom has struggled with drug addiction, has been in and out of jail, and often takes advantage of Jade when she needs money or a place to live.

Jade Cline reveals her father committed suicide

Now, Jade has opened up about her biological father’s death by suicide and she tugged at her fans’ heartstrings.

Jade took to her Twitter page on Saturday, September 11 to tell her followers, “[Reminder] it’s suicide prevention month, be a good friend, be a good person to the others around you. You never know what someone’s going through inside.”

A few minutes later, Jade shared another tweet that read, “#SuicidePreventionMonth I love you dad . I know you’re here looking out for me now. You should still be here.”

Jade continued, “There’s so much I wish you could’ve seen me accomplish and a granddaughter I wish you could’ve met. But until we meet again. ❤” including a pic of her father.

Teen Mom Talk on Instagram shared screenshots of Jade’s tweets and fans of Teen Mom 2 shared their condolences and pointed out the resemblance between Jade’s father, herself, and her daughter Kloie.

Teen Mom 2 fans share their condolences

“My condolences ?” commented one fan of Teen Mom 2.

A couple of fans of Teen Mom 2 noted that Jade and her daughter look a lot like Jade’s dad.

“She looks a lot like him ❤️” wrote another fan on the post.

Another comment read, “Wow her daughter looks so much like her grandpa.. may he rest in paradise[.]”

Jade’s tumultuous upbringing wasn’t the only part of her life that played a big role in her storyline on Teen Mom 2 last season.

The 24-year-old Teen Mom 2 star chronicled her painful journey after having a Brazilian butt lift and 360° liposuction.

Since undergoing her cosmetic procedures, Jade has shown off her results any chance she gets on social media, although her critics aren’t impressed with the surgery results.

Things are looking up for Jade Cline

Despite all of the drama that seems to have followed Jade her entire life, now she can focus on the good things happening in her life.

Jade, a licensed cosmetologist, recently announced that she’s starting construction on her own salon. She owns her own business, Hair Slayed by Jade, in her home state of Indiana.

Along with her new business, Jade has a new outlook on life to go along with it — she recently admitted to working on her mental health and is pleased with the progress she’s made.

Jade told her fans, “My mental health is at such a good place & it took so long for me to get here. I’m so happy I could cry y’all lol i’ve went through hell the last few years and I’m happy to say I made it and I’m genuinely happy where I’m at and with who I am.”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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