Teen Mom 2 fans think Kailyn Lowry’s oldest son Isaac is her twin

Kailyn Lowry and son, Isaac
Kailyn Lowry and her son, Isaac, who is a Mama’s Boy, pose together. Pic credit: @isaacelliottr/Instagram

Kailyn Lowry’s firstborn son, Isaac, is already twelve-years-old, and fans think he takes after his mama.

As a clip reappeared from MTV on the show, fans could not get over how much Kailyn’s son, Isaac, looks like her when she was younger and now.

When Isaac turned ten, he got braces put on, and that’s when fans really started to talk about how much he resembled Kail.

Isaac is a Mama’s Boy

As quoted in the U.S. Sun, fans noted that the older Isaac was getting, the more and more he was starting to look like his mom.

One fan exclaimed, “Oh my goodness the older he gets he is starting to resemble Kail the most out of all her boys he’s such a sweet kid.”

Another stated, “He is Kails absolute double.”

Kail also posted a side-by-side of herself and Isaac that turned viral when it came to their likeness and the fact that they are basically twins.

She received some DMs from fans after she had posted it. The follower put: “He’s got ya WHOLE face Kail.”

Another posted, “His side profile looks exactly like Kail’s original face.” Ouch, burn. Pretty sure that viewer was insinuating Kail having some plastic surgeries done.

Kailyn does seem to be a good mom and shows support for all of her children. Having four kids wouldn’t be easy, but she is around, and fans have noted how involved she is and how much she loves her kids.

Isaac joins in on the fun

Even Isaac took to his Instagram after fans started their discussions and claims. He posted for the 10-year challenge and other photos of him and his mom, which showed how much of a Mama’s boy Isaac truly is.

Isaac posts a picture of himself with his braces on, showing how much he looks like his mom.
Isaac looks like his mama with his new braces on. Pic credit: @isaacelliottr/Instagram

Tween Isaac, already twelve, has had to grow up with a lot of change in his life already, and he also has three other siblings by various fathers. While his dad, Jo, and Jo’s wife, Vee, are very much a part of Isaac’s life, he has also had to adjust to other men coming in and out of his life.

Who do you think Isaac resembles? His mom or dad?

What are your thoughts? Do you see Kailyn when you look at Isaac? Or do you see more of Jo in his facial features? The jury is out, but it seems most are voting in the Kail column when it comes to who her firstborn looks like.

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