Teen Mom 2 fans think Kail Lowry’s ex is trying to cash in on her success with threat of a tell-all

Kail Lowry, Teen Mom 2 star
Kail Lowry’s ex has come forward and threatened to write a book about her. Pic credit: @babymamasnodramapodcast/Instagram

Kail Lowry’s ex is threatening to write a book about their relationship after a messy breakup, and Teen Mom 2 fans think he’s trying to make money off her name.

Kail’s life is full of chaos; so much so that she’s coined her own term, Kail and the Chaos, to refer to her hectic life.

Between raising four boys, filming for Teen Mom 2, and hosting three podcasts, Kail has a lot going on in her life. Add in feuds between herself and castmates, baby daddies, and ex-boyfriends, and things really get complicated.

Kail’s relationship status has become a hot topic among Teen Mom 2 fans lately. She recently had a now-ex boyfriend on her podcast Barely Famous, who many believe has been identified as a gentleman named Malik Montgomery.

Kail Lowry’s ex speaks out after their split, threatens to write a book about their relationship

Now, Malik is speaking out against Kail since their split and is looking for publishers to contact him about writing a book.

Teen Mom Shade Room shared a clip from Malik’s Instagram Stories in which he talked about his former relationship with Kail.

“I’m gonna talk about the things that I experienced until I can’t because I know things are being worked to where, you know, I might not have this moment. So, if I gotta write about it, I’ll write about it. If you know any publishers or literary agents, send them to me,” Malik said in his video.

Malik went on to talk (presumably) about Kail not being able to control him or the situation, therefore dubbing him the “bad guy.”

Teen Mom 2 viewers accuse Malik of trying to make money off Kail’s name

Teen Mom 2 viewers who watched the clip sounded off in the comments, many of them believing Malik is looking to cash out on Kail’s fame and felt writing a book was a bit of an extreme notion.

“Another one trying to make a coin off kails name ???? a book?? Publisher?? Ok come on Lmao,” commented one Teen Mom 2 fan.

One Teen Mom 2 viewer who isn’t even fond of Kail took her side in the situation: “I can’t stand kaily but a book?? Publisher?? Loool come on boo boo tomatoe.”

Another commenter compared Malik’s dramatic demeanor to two of Kail’s other exes, Javi Marroquin and Chris Lopez. “Lol I see why she kept him hidden … he’s more dramatic than Javi and Chris ??‍♀️???,” they wrote.

teen mom 2 viewers react on IG to kail lowry's ex malik threatening to write a tell-all book
Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

“Jesus christ..?a BOOK?! maybe a blog post…but a book? chile bye,” commented another who felt a book was too much.

Another comment read, “Someone is bitter.. publisher?! Boy please?”

Teen Mom 2 fans will be awaiting Kail’s response, whether it comes in the form of a social media post or addressing it on one of her podcasts.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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2 years ago

He and Chris lopez both trying cash in on kails name. Losers