Teen Mom 2 fans think Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera owe listeners apology for being ‘insensitive’ about COVID-19

Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera of Teen Mom 2
Do Kail and Vee owe their listeners an apology for how they handled COVID-19? Pic credit: MTV

Vee Rivera and Kail Lowry have Teen Mom 2 fans saying they owe their podcast listeners an apology after being “insensitive” about COVID-19.

Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-hosts Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera recently contracted COVID-19, which they announced on a recent episode of their podcast.

Kail contracted the virus while vacationing in the Dominican Republic with her four sons, Isaac, Lincoln, Lux and Creed — all four of her sons contracted the virus, also, as previously reported by Monsters & Critics.

Vee seemingly caught the virus from Kail, after the two recorded a podcast together, while Kail unknowingly was positive for COVID-19 at the time.

‘Covid Queens’ Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera spark controversy with Teen Mom 2 fans

Kail and Vee recorded a recent episode where they talked about testing positive, joked that they were “Covid Queens,” and planned their next vacations. The episode was originally called “Quarantine Queens,” but has since been changed to “Movie Remakes: Nostalgia or Nah-stalgia?”

Teen Mom Shade Room on Instagram shared some negative reviews from the Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, showing disappointment from listeners.

One listener’s one-star review read, “Instead of hoping this just goes away, it would be so refreshing to just hear a genuine apology from you both. So, so incredibly disgusting to be so careless and then have the audacity to joke about Covid. Do some reflecting and give a genuine apology.”

Another one-star reviewer wrote, “Shows immaturity and lack of concern for anyone other than themselves. They even changed the name of the podcast episode from Quarantine Queens[.] Clearly everything is a massive joke to these two bimbos.”

Teen Mom Shade Room captioned their post, “The reviews for Kail and Vees podcast are in… ppl are not happy about the latest episode with them childishly laughing about having covid and being spreaders, being insensitive, all while planning more overseas travel … do you guys think they owe the fans an apology?”

Other Teen Mom 2 fans spoke out, and their opinions were split when it came to Kail and Vee issuing an apology.

teenmomshaderoom on instagram shared reviews for teen mom 2 stars kail lowry and vee rivera's podcast
Teen Mom 2 fans discussed whether Kail and Vee should apologize to their listeners. Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

Do Kail and Vee owe their listeners an apology?

One fan of Teen Mom 2 didn’t feel that Kail nor Vee needed to apologize. They commented, “I’m not a Kail fan, but she has nothing for which to apologize.”

Another critic disagreed, and felt that Kail and Vee were out of line, cracking jokes about contracting the disease. “Yeah. Gross af joking around about this stuff both of them,” their comment read.

kail lowry and vee rivera of teen mom 2 on instagram
Teen Mom 2 fans discussed whether Kail and Vee owed listeners an apology. Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

Kail shot down rumors recently that she has been a “super-spreader” after critics accused her of spreading the virus exponentially. The mom of four explained that she and her boys underwent regular, routine testing, and she quarantined her family as soon as they received positive test results.

Kail and Vee recently recorded a joint episode of Baby Mamas No Drama after the co-hosts sparked rumors they were in a feud. Neither co-host would go into details about what happened but mentioned that they worked through their issues, and viewers will see it play out on Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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