Teen Mom 2 fans think Cole DeBoer’s look-alike brother Brock is ‘cute’

Teen Mom 2 alum Cole DeBoer
Teen Mom 2 fans said Cole DeBoer’s brother is a hunk after seeing resurfaced pics. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 fans can’t get over how “cute” Cole DeBoer’s look-alike brother, Brock, is.

Most Teen Mom 2 fans don’t know who Cole’s brother is, but after a pic of him resurfaced online, they were pleasantly surprised.

Teen Mom 2 fans smitten with Cole DeBoer’s ‘cute’ brother

They couldn’t get over how “cute” he is and how much he resembles his brother, Cole.

The resurfaced pic, which shows Brock holding Cole and Chelsea’s son Watson as a baby, made its way to Reddit.

A Redditor shared some throwback pics of the kids from across the Teen Mom franchise with their aunts and uncles.

“Some of the kids with their aunts and uncles,” was the post’s aptly-named title.

“I just need to know if Cole’s brother is single👀,” one comment read from a Teen Mom 2 fan who was clearly impressed with Brock’s looks.

In response, another Redditor (who did their homework) responded, “Nope. He’s been married 10 years. He’s a porcelain artist and they live in LA.”

teen mom 2 fans gushed over cole's brother on reddit
One Teen Mom 2 fan asked if Cole’s brother is single. Pic credit: u/GoldenState_Thriller/Reddit

Brock’s Instagram page shows that he is, indeed, a porcelain artist living in L.A. And yes, he’s taken — he and his wife, Colleen, just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary two weeks ago.

One Redditor thought Cole and Brock are dead ringers for each other. They wrote, “I understand how genetics work, but dang, Cole & his brother are carbon copies.”

teen mom 2 fans think cole's brother brock looks just like him
Teen Mom 2 fans think Cole and Brock look a lot alike. Pic credit: u/GoldenState_Thriller/Reddit

Teen Mom 2 fans continue to gush over Brock

In response, another Teen Mom 2 fan wondered whether Watson, who is Cole and Chelsea’s only son, will inherit the strong DeBoer genes.

“I was thinking the same thing,” they replied. “Wonder if Watson will follow suit cause those genes came in strong for Cole and his brother.”

“Cole’s bro is so cute,” another Teen Mom 2 fan commented about Brock.

a teen mom 2 fan called cole's brother cute
One Teen Mom 2 fan called Brock “cute.” Pic credit: u/GoldenState_Thriller/Reddit

Cole and Chelsea just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary last month and Chelsea surprised Cole with the sweetest outdoor picnic in the park.

The couple shares a total of four children: Chelsea’s daughter Aubree from her relationship with Adam Lind, and their daughters Layne and Walker and son Watson.

Cole and Chelsea welcomed yet another member to the DeBoer family over the weekend — their new bloodhound puppy named Dale DeBoer.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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