Teen Mom 2 fans think Briana DeJesus was throwing shade at Jade Cline for having someone else do her hair

Jade Cline and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 fans think Briana DeJesus might have thrown shade at Jade Cline for letting someone else do her hair. Pic credit: MTV

Did Briana DeJesus throw shade at her BFF Jade Cline? Teen Mom 2 fans think she did after she seemed to snub Jade’s hair skills.

Briana recently changed up her hairstyle with new brunette waist-length extensions on her bob-length hair.

The 27-year-old mom of two shared a pic of her new hair on her Instagram and tagged her stylist.

However, some of Briana’s fans were curious why she didn’t go to her Teen Mom 2 castmate and BFF Jade Cline to get her hair done.

Jade is a licensed cosmetologist who owns Hair Slayed by Jade in her own salon in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is currently building a new bigger salon.

Briana, who said she “doesn’t need men to boost her ego,” recently flew out to spend some time in Indiana with Jade as the two filmed for a new season of Teen Mom 2.

Now, Briana’s fans wonder why she didn’t go to her trusted BFF to have her hair done.

Briana shared a pic of her new ‘do on Instagram and captioned it, “The only person I trust to slay my hair with extensions #braidlesssewin @baeeyla”

When Briana didn’t mention jade, her followers started asking questions. Briana has since deleted all comments on the post.

Teen Mom 2 fans wonder why Briana DeJesus didn’t go to Jade Cline for her hair

“You’re rude @jadecline_ [deserves] a better friend. You’re just a sad unhappy person. You talked s**t about her before and after her surgery,” wrote one of Briana’s followers on her post.

Another one of Briana’s fans asked her, “I thought you [were] shaving it all off? I wanna see the curls come back[.]”

Briana threatened to shave her head earlier this year, telling her followers on Twitter in March, “If I ever go back to short hair, I’m gonna shave it alllllll off[.]”

However, Briana didn’t go through with it but did film herself cutting her former extensions out of her hair during an Instagram Story, leaving her hair chin-length before her latest extensions.

briana dejesus's now-deleted comments on her hair on instagram
Now-deleted comments on Briana’s post. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana says she’ll go to Jade to dye her extensions pink

When one of Briana’s fans asked her, “Not your bestie Jade?” she had an explanation. It seems as though Briana likes to change it up when choosing stylists for her hair, and went to someone who specializes in extensions for her latest style.

“@katieenikass oh she a queen with coloring! [I’m] going to her to get it dyed pink!”

Another of Briana’s followers commented on the post and hinted that Briana didn’t choose Jade because she’s not as skilled.

They commented, “@katieenikass she sucks at hair ?”

briana dejesus shared a pic of her new extensions on instagram and fans asked why jade cline didn't do them
Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana played a major role in Jade’s storyline last season on Teen Mom 2. After Jade’s excruciatingly painful Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, Briana swooped in to help.

Briana offered for Jade to continue recovering at her home in Orlando, Florida where Jade flew to have her surgery, and the two strengthened their bond.

Briana’s help was so instrumental that Jade admitted she thinks she “would have died” if Briana didn’t show up to help.

After last season’s dismal, all-time low ratings, it was unclear if the show would return for a new season.

Now that Briana and Jade have confirmed that they’re filming for a new season of Teen Mom 2, fans of the show can rest assured that there will be plenty more drama to catch up on.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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