Teen Mom 2 fans slam Leah Messer for letting daughter Aleeah wear ‘heavy’ makeup

Leah Messer and daughter Aleeah of Teen Mom 2
Leah Messer came under fire for letting her daughter Aleeah wear “heavy” makeup. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 fans slammed Leah Messer for allowing her daughter Aleeah to wear “heavy” makeup in a recent pic.

Leah’s eldest daughters, twins Ali and Aleeah, have grown up before Teen Mom 2 viewers’ eyes.

Now 11 years old, the preteens are starting to dabble more with fashion and makeup and it seems that Leah is fine with it.

Leah shared a pic to her Instagram Stories recently, showing Ali and Aleeah enjoying a school football game from the stands.

Leah Messer’s daughter Aleeah sports ‘heavy’ makeup in recent pic

In the pic, both girls turned around to smile for the camera, and Aleeah appeared to be sporting false eyelashes and “heavy” makeup.

Teen Mom Tea shared a screenshot of Leah’s pic to their Instagram fan account and captioned it, “Ali and Aleeah ?”

Teen Mom 2 fans who viewed the pic had a few things to say about Aleeah’s makeup choices.

Teen Mom 2 fans bash Leah Messer for Aleeah’s ‘heavy’ makeup

“I had to zoom in are those fake lashes? ??” wrote one commenter of Aleeah’s makeup.

“The make up no,” was another comment from a fan of Teen Mom 2.

Another fan of the show wrote, “Makeup is fine and everything but could we ease up on it a little bit? She doesn’t really need to go that heavy-handed on it does she? It is daytime after all.”

“Not feeling all that make up on a little girl’s face ?” commented another Teen Mom 2 fan.

Aleeah is a cheerleader, so it is possible that the preteen had on makeup from a cheer competition. But being a preteen, it’s also likely that she’s just experimenting with makeup.

teen mom 2 fans criticized leah messer on Instagram for letting daughter aleeah wear "heavy" makeup
Pic credit: @teenmom.tea/Instagram

When it comes to being in the public eye, Leah is aware that fame comes with plenty of criticism.

Leah’s appearance has come under scrutiny by Teen Mom 2 trolls who have accused her of having plastic surgery, which she adamantly denied.

She did, however, tell her fans that she supports other women’s decisions to go under the knife, if that’s what they choose to do.

“Let me just say, first and foremost, I will never, ever, knock what another woman chooses to do with her body at any given time. But, plastic surgery has just never been for me. I’m scared!” Leah said back in June during an Instagram Story.

A month later, Leah set a good example of body positivity for her girls when she shared an unedited pic of her stretch marks.

“I pray that every woman out there knows that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL despite anything your mind, society, or anyone else’s comments might try to convince you,” the 29-year-old mother of three told her fans in July.

Leah has come a long way since her early days on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 and fans have applauded her “glow up.”

Teen Mom 2 fans have watched Leah be open with her daughters about everything, so it’s safe to say Leah supports Aleeah’s choices while providing her with guidance.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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