Kail Lowry wants to lose weight and join the military to save money, Teen Mom 2 fans react

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry wants to lose weight so she can join the military because it will save her money. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 fans reacted to Kail Lowry’s announcement that she’s trying to lose weight so she can join the military to save money each month.

During the latest episode of her podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama with co-host Vee Rivera, Kail announced a major life change.

The topic of working out came up during their podcast episode and Kail mentioned that she missed her gym sessions quite a few times last week.

Currently on a weight-loss journey due to her PCOS, Kail has been trying to lose weight and has already dropped a modest 12 pounds.

Kail told Vee that the reason working out is so important to her now is because her goal is to join the Airforce before she turns 30.

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry wants to join the Airforce to save money on insurance

The Teen Mom 2 star explained that she has to meet certain criteria to qualify and told Vee and their listeners, “I know people don’t believe me but I am trying to join the military so I have to hit certain goals.”

“My birthday is in March, and I’m going to be 30. If I can hit all the milestones by 30, by my birthday, then I can get put in,” Kail continued.

When Vee seemed surprised at Kail’s plans to join the military, Kail explained the financial reasoning behind it.

“B***h, you know how much health insurance costs me? I pay $1,800 per month for health insurance,” Kail revealed. “I can’t do it anymore. I can’t take it.”

Teen Mom 2 fans react to Kail wanting to join the Airforce

Teen Mom 2 fans were just as shocked as Vee to hear of Kail’s plans to join the Airforce and took to Reddit to discuss it.

In a post titled, “When Kail talked about joining the military the other day she mentioned it’s for insurance since she pays $1800 a month for everyone,” Teen Mom 2 fans commented on Kail’s latest venture.

The Redditor who created the thread questioned Kail’s motives and wrote, “This is so f***in’ weird to me. I get insurance is crazy expensive but truly $1800 a month is enough to make you join the military and that be your sole reasoning?”

The Redditor also conjectured that Kail may be possibly preparing for a reduction in income since she’s hinted that she hasn’t filmed for Teen Mom 2 in over three months and subsequently took a pay cut.

“If she was anyone else that doesn’t have teen mom money and refusing to film I’d understand a bit but holy hell she is dumb as s**t. It makes me wonder though if she’s afraid of not being on going forward and her bluff is about to be called,” the user added.

Other Teen Mom 2 fans commented on the thread, and most agreed that Kail’s idea is a bit of a stretch.

“She would fail ?,” commented one Teen Mom 2 fan. They continued, wondering whether at least one of Kail’s sons are covered under their father’s health insurance and suggested that she stop having kids, “ETA: Lincoln is under Javi’s tricare so… Bruh maybe you should STOP HAVING SO MANY DAMN KIDS”

teen mom 2 fans commented on a reddit thread about kail lowry joining the airforce
Teen Mom 2 fans don’t agree with Kail’s decision to join the military. Pic credit: u/Atonofdogslivehere/Reddit

Kail’s ex-husband and baby daddy, Javi Marroquin, is a U.S. Air Force Reserve Recruiter based in Dover, Delaware.

One Redditor suggested that Kail get a typical 9-5 job that would afford her healthcare benefits for her kids.

“Or she could just get a regular job? She’d still have to pay but much less than $1800, and you know, no boot camp or uniforms,” their comment read.

Aside from the fact that the idea of joining the military seems like a drastic lifestyle change just to save money every month, Teen Mom 2 fans also doubted that Kail could even qualify to join the Airforce.

“She wouldn’t make it past boot camp,” commented another Redditor. “Also, do the baby daddy’s not have jobs that provide insurance…”

Kail has four sons between her three baby daddies: Jo Rivera with whom she shares son Isaac, Javi Marroquin with whom she shares son Lincoln, and Chris Lopez with whom she shares sons Lux and Creed.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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