Teen Mom 2 fans react to Chris Lopez reportedly joining the cast

Lux Lowry and Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2
How will Chris Lopez’s presence on Teen Mom 2 affect viewership? Pic credit: @luxrlowry/Instagram

Chris Lopez reportedly signed a contract with MTV to appear as a cast member on Teen Mom 2, and fans of the show are reacting to the news.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Chris Lopez is said to have signed a Teen Mom 2 contract, which supposedly made his baby mama Kail Lowry “very upset.”

Kail later responded to the reports that she was “upset” and cleared the air, saying she didn’t find out about the news until everyone else did, and claimed she wasn’t upset.

Teen Mom 2 fans discuss Chris Lopez joining the cast

Teen Mom 2 fans have since caught wind that Chris will likely be joining the cast of the long-running show, and shared their views on it.

One Reddit user created a thread titled “Thoughts on Chris joining the cast?” and asked other Teen Mom 2 fans, “What are your thoughts on him joining the show. I know it’ll likely bring the drama and maybe it’ll even boost the ratings.”

“I’m curious to see this all play out! I feel like this guy wasn’t going to ever get a job but now He [sic] will [be] on the show so [at least] that’s a job.. I wonder what that will mean for child support etc? Will he need to pay more? Is he paying? Does she pay? I have so many questions,” they added.

fans discussed chris lopez joinig teen mom 2 on reddit
A Reddit thread discussed Chris Lopez joining Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: u/Dflemz/Reddit

One Teen Mom 2 fan felt that the juiciest drama between Kail and Chris might have already passed, and with Kail refusing to film certain events, Chris’s addition might not be as entertaining as viewers hope.

They wrote, “Depends what we get to see really. I think all the most interesting stuff (getting together, having Lux, having Creed, and all the drama in between) has already happened. And if Kail still refuses to film everything interesting are we just going to get footage of them when they’re getting along/banging and nothing of them arguing the other 99% of the time[.]”

fans discussed chris lopez joinig teen mom 2 on reddit
Will Teen Mom 2 capture enough drama between Chris and Kail? Pic credit: u/Dflemz/Reddit

Will Chris Lopez boost ratings for Teen Mom 2?

Another fan of the show thought that adding Chris to the Teen Mom 2 cast won’t change much, including ratings.

They commented, “I feel like they’re desperate to raise their ratings and people will fall for it. I don’t think it will change much about the show.”

fans discussed chris lopez joinig teen mom 2 on reddit
Teen Mom 2 fans discussed Chris Lopez appearing on the show. Pic credit: u/Dflemz/Reddit

Ratings for Teen Mom 2 this season fell to “shocking” new lows after the reunion episode. Teen Mom 2 fans have called for more drama on the show, not just on social media.

“I hope he puts all of Kail’s s**t on the street and makes it super hard for her to hide all of her messy bulls**t. I’m here for it! I may even start watching TM2 again if it gets good,” wrote another Reddit user.

Kail’s refusal to film personal events for Teen Mom 2 that occurred last fall caused a massive feud with castmate and longtime nemesis, Briana DeJesus. The two exchanged jabs on social media before Kail filed a lawsuit, which Briana’s attorney has since requested be dismissed.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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