Teen Mom 2 fans can’t get over how much Chris Lopez’s son Creed looks like him as a child

Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2 and his son Creed Lowry-Lopez
Chris Lopez’s son Creed is his spitting image according to Teen Mom 2 fans. Pic credit: @creedlopez2020/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 viewers think Chris Lopez’s son Creed is his spitting image.

Chris shares his 1-year-old son Creed with his ex and baby mama, Kail Lowry, with whom he also shares their 4-year-old son, Lux.

Many of Chris and Kail’s critics have speculated about the paternity of Creed, alleging that Chris is not his biological father.

Chris Lopez’s childhood photo resembles son Creed

However, a recent childhood photo shared of Chris provided enough evidence for even some doubters to believe the two are related.

Teen Mom Chatter 2 on Instagram recently shared a photo collage with a pic of Chris as a little boy alongside two recent pics of Creed, which they captioned, “Creed took #ChrisLopez whole face.”

The resemblance was evident to just about everyone, who took to the comments to point out just how alike Chris and Creed look in their side-by-side pics.

Teen Mom 2 fans point out resemblance between Chris Lopez and son Creed

“Remember when we all thought Creed was not Chris’ son ? I argued with my husband about this,” commented one Teen Mom 2 viewer. “I think I bet my life on it. ?? we now know it is totally his kid.”

In response, Teen Mom Chatter 2 replied, “@juliet_t_oliveira Chris couldn’t deny that boy, even if he wanted to ?”

“I’ll hold my L for doubting!” commented another Teen Mom 2 fan who admitted they were wrong for thinking Creed wasn’t Chris’ son.

teen mom 2 fans think chris lopez's son creed looks just like him
Pic credit: @teenmomchatter2/Instagram

“I’ve been saying creed looks like Chris, especially with his hair cut and people were coming at me trying to make me feel stupid lol,” wrote another Teen Mom 2 fan who has always thought Creed and Chris look like father and son.

One viewer saw the resemblance between Chris and Creed, but also between Kail and Creed: “I actually did always think he was Chris’ kid. But wow, he really does look like him! But I also see Kail in him at times too.”

Earlier this year, Kail explained to doubters how genetics work when they questioned whether Chris was Creed’s biological father. She enlisted the help of her and Chris’ son Lux, who pointed out the obvious physical differences between Kail and Chris, and how Creed’s genetics were a combination of them.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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