Teen Mom 2 fans call out Ashley Jones for going out so soon after having COVID-19

Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2
Ashley Jones caught flak for going out so soon after having COVID-19. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones recently recovered from COVID-19 and now that she’s out enjoying herself again, Teen Mom 2 fans think it may be too soon.

Ashley’s mom, Tea, reported that Ashley was battling COVID-19 at the beginning of August, telling her followers, “Thank you for your support. Please pray for a speedy recovery as Ashley recovers from COVID 19[.]”

Tea assured Ashley’s fans, however, that she was expected to make a full recovery, telling them, “She is doing ok in light of…. But we expect a full recovery in no time. Thanks for your much needed prayers and support. We appreciate it sincerely and truly.”

Once Ashley was feeling better, after a brief social media hiatus, she took to her Instagram Stories to answer some questions about her recovery from the virus.

“Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes. I am Covid free now but honestly that s**t was no joke,” Ashley admitted.

She added that she experienced some disruption of her senses, saying, “I never lost my taste but my smell has yet to return.”

Ashley Jones returns to social media after COVID-19 battle

On Thursday, Ashley was active yet again on her Instagram account, and shared a pic, looking healthy and fierce in a short, skintight black dress and knee-high leather boots, showing off her new bob haircut.

Teen Mom Shade Room on Instagram shared the pic, along with a pic from Ashley’s stories, showing her toasting a frozen drink with a friend.

Teen Mom 2 fans slam Ashley Jones for being in public too soon

Teen Mom 2 fans commented on Ashley’s post and some of them thought it was too early for Ashley to be out enjoying herself in public.

One of Ashley’s critics brought up the fact that another Teen Mom 2 star, Kail Lowry, also battled COVID-19 recently, but caught major flak and was labeled a “super spreader” for going out in public after recovering from the virus.

“Why does she gets praised and kail got s**t for going out after being negative for Covid?” the comment read.

ashley jones of teen mom 2 got called out on instagram
Teen Mom 2 fans thought Ashley Jones was out in public too soon after recovering from COVID-19. Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

Another one of Ashley’s critics wrote, “Let me tell you if I just got over ANY illness, my a** would be in the house but of course to each their own[.]”

“Dumb as hell out and about in a pandemic in one of the worst States,” wrote another critic, speaking of Ashley being out in public in her home state of California.

ashley jones of teen mom 2 got called out on instagram
One critic thought Ashley was “dumb as hell” for being out in public. Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

Ashley, who recently clapped back at trolls who mocked her for growing up wealthy, was among two other Teen Mom 2 stars who tested positive for COVID-19. Kail Lowry unknowingly infected her podcast co-host, Vee Rivera, after she brought home the virus from a vacation in the Dominican Republic.

All of the Teen Moms afflicted by COVID-19 have recovered and seem to be doing well. Here’s hoping the rest of the cast stays healthy!

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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