Teen Mom 2 fans are confused after Kail Lowry’s podcast episode with her ‘now ex’ boyfriend

Teen Mom 2's Kail Lowry
Kail Lowry’s relationship status is confusing to Teen Mom 2 viewers. Pic credit: Kail and the Chaos/YouTube

Kail Lowry recently hosted her now ex-boyfriend on an episode of her podcast, and Teen Mom 2 fans are confused about her relationship status.

The March 25 episode of Kail’s podcast, Barely Famous, was called, “What’s it like to date Kail?” and featured her then-boyfriend as the guest.

Kail did not reveal her boyfriend’s identity during or after the podcast, so his name still remains a mystery.

Kail Lowry hosts ‘now ex’ boyfriend on Barely Famous podcast

During the podcast episode, the mystery man fielded questions from Kail about their relationship. The two had undeniable chemistry on-air and the mystery man spoke highly of Kail and was extremely respectful.

During the episode, Kail and her mystery man divulged that they had known each other for about two-and-a-half years. Because of their interaction on the podcast, Teen Mom 2 fans assumed the two were still happily together.

However, promoting the podcast episode on her TikTok, Kail shared a clip along with a caption that read, “Let’s chat with my *now ex* on today’s episode of #BarelyFamous.”

Kail’s TikTok followers flocked to the comments section where they questioned her about her current relationship status after noticing she changed the caption to “now ex” boyfriend following the episode airing.

Teen Mom 2 fans are confused by Kail Lowry’s relationship status

One of Kail’s fans wondered why she and the mystery man broke up since they seemed to get along so well, at least during the podcast.

“Why is he your EX,” the fan wrote. “He really seems to get you and love you. You need to let people in. You’re worth it.”

Another one of Kail’s followers penned, “now ex?? noooooo???”

kail lowry's tiktok followers questioned her relationship status with 'now-ex' boyfriend
Pic credit: @kaillowry/TikTok

“U better get him back girl he sounded like a keeper!” commented another fan who would have liked to see Kail stick with the mystery boyfriend.

“Ex? Well that’s disappointing ?,” wrote another disappointed follower. Kail often responds to her TikTok followers, but in this instance, she remained mum.

Kail recently confirmed that she’s actively dating. However, she’s chosen not to divulge any details about her relationships with the public for fear it would ruin things.

Earlier this month, when asked whether she was dating anyone, Kail told her Instagram followers, “Yesssssss.”

Interestingly, Kail revealed that men have had more interest in her since she had four kids, but she would never date a man who had kids of his own.

“I won’t do it… I [recently] met somebody and he told me he had two kids and I ghosted him,” Kail revealed during an episode of Baby Mamas No Drama. “I never responded to his texts again. I don’t want to talk to someone with kids.”

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