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Teen Mom 2 fans accuse Jade and Sean of being high on latest episode

Jade Cline and Sean Austin of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 fans thought Jade and Sean looked high on this week’s episode. Pic credit: MTV

Jade Cline and Sean Austin appeared on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, where Sean secretly proposed to Jade in an awkward scene that left fans of the show wondering if the couple was on drugs.

Jade had just moved into a new rental home, and Sean was over to spend time with Kloie while Jade prepared to go to work, leaving his extended-stay hotel behind for the visit.

During the scene in question, Sean revealed to producers that he had secretly proposed to Jade the night before, although neither of them looked thrilled about it.

Jade and Sean’s behavior during one scene raised some fans’ eyebrows

The off-again couple both appeared to have trouble keeping their eyes open, and moved and spoke somewhat slowly, prompting a Reddit post about their behavior.

“Just homies, chillin’ with our high eyes!” was the title of a Reddit post aimed at the scene at the table after Sean proposed to Jade, and the producer asked him to get the ring from the other room.

In a reaction that didn’t exactly look like a fiancee happy about an engagement, Jade fist-bumped Sean when asked about the status of their relationship.

Jade Cline and Sean Austin of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Reddit users thought Jade and Sean looked high. Pic credit: u/mollyyfcooke/Reddit

One fan speculated that Sean had smoked a lot of weed

One Reddit user said of Sean, “Godd**n, he looks like he smoked a pound,” to which another user replied, “Kilos* of weed[.]”

In a reference to former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, one user mocked Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, who infamously busted her and then-boyfriend Kieffer Delp for doing drugs in an old scene from the show.

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Jade Cline and Sean Austin of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Fans of the show insinuated Jade and Sean were abusing narcotics. Pic credit: u/mollyyfcooke/Reddit

“HIGH HIGH YA BOTH HIGH,” read the comment.

Another Reddit user poked fun at the couple and their alleged drug use saying, “Just homies chillin gone off some percs[.]”

Some fans compared Jade to Jenelle Evans and Sean to Ryan Edwards

“Jenelle 2.0,” one user commented, insinuating that Jade’s behavior was similar to Jenelle Evans while on the show.

Jade Cline and Sean Austin of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Fans compared Jade and Sean to Jenelle Evans and Ryan Edwards from Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: u/mollyyfcooke/Reddit

Another Reddit user compared Sean to Ryan Edwards from Teen Mom OG, another dad on the series who has struggled heavily with addiction.

“I call Sean Ryan 2.0. This should end well,” said one fan while another commented, “Oh geez jenelle 2.0 meet Ryan 2.0 this should be entertaining……..”

Jade has been around drug use most of her life

Fans of the show know that Sean has a history of struggling with addiction, as do Jade’s mom and stepdad. All three have lived with Jade, on and off, at some point throughout the series.

The 23-year-old MTV star released a statement a couple of weeks ago, warning her fans that she had cut certain people out of her life. Some speculated that it was her mom, for allegedly stealing Jade’s prescription medications.

Jade took to Instagram this week to explain to inquisitive followers why she didn’t accept Sean’s proposal.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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