Teen Mom 2: Devoin Austin calls out MTV for portraying him as a ‘deadbeat dad’

Devoin Austin of Teen Mom 2
Devoin Austin is fed up with being portrayed as a “deadbeat dad” on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Devoin Austin had a message for his followers and MTV and he made it clear that he’s tired of being portrayed as a “deadbeat dad” on Teen Mom 2.

Devoin feels like he’s gotten a bad rap as being a no-good dad from the way he’s been represented on Teen Mom 2.

Devoin and his ex and baby mama Briana DeJesus share one daughter, Nova, and Briana has long complained about Devoin’s absence and lack of financial support in Nova’s life.

However, Devoin has made strides to be a better dad and has even taken on the role of father figure to Nova’s little sister, Stella, whose dad Luis Hernandez has been absent in her life.

Briana often bashes Devoin, both on the show and on social media, so it’s only natural that her followers and fans of the show might have a skewed perception of who Devoin really is.

Devoin Austin is fed up with being called a ‘deadbeat dad’

Now, Devoin is fed up with the negative energy surrounding his reputation, and he let his fans know it.

Teen Mom Talk on Instagram shared a screenshot of one of Devoin’s Instagram Stories that he shared recently.

Devoin, who said he doesn’t want to be in the “same boat” as Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez, shared a screenshot of a DM from one of his followers that read, “Just sending you a little appreciation and support.”

It continued, “We have had the narrative that you are a deadbeat shoved down our throats since the very moment we were introduced to you on TV. Ain’t nobody buying that storyline anymore!”

“You’re an amazing Daddy to Nova and the way you have stepped up to be there for Stella is the sweetest thing ever. Keep doing what you are doing and know that it isn’t going unnoticed,” the DM concluded.

Devoin added his own message above the screenshot and told his followers while tagging MTV, Teen Mom, and Viacom, “I really wish I didn’t have to receive these type of messages. Ain’t nobody buying that s**t @mtv @teenmom @viacomcbs”

teen mom 2 fans discussed devoin austin being labeled a deadbeat dad on instagram
Pic credit: @teenmomtalktmt/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 fans react to Devoin’s message

Fans of Teen Mom 2 had mixed reactions to Devoin’s Instagram Story, with some voicing that he doesn’t deserve the narrative that’s been created around him, while others felt that his former actions justified the label of “deadbeat dad.”

One fan of Teen Mom 2 who commented felt as though MTV and Briana were both to blame for Devoin’s reputation.

They wrote, “Although I do think MTV had a part in giving him that narrative, the majority of it is Bri & her family.”

teen mom 2 fans discussed devoin austin being labeled a deadbeat dad on instagram
Pic credit: @teenmomtalktmt/Instagram

“I think they’re the ones to blame for 99% of it. They’ve all given him such a hard time and, granted, he didn’t always come off as the best father, but he has really grown up and it shows,” they added.

“[Briana] is the main one screaming he is a deadbeat,” commented another fan of the show.

Who is responsible for Devoin’s ‘deadbeat dad’ reputation?

Other fans spoke out and didn’t agree that anyone was responsible for Devoin’s reputation as a “deadbeat dad” except for himself.

One fan brought up a scene during an episode of Teen Mom 2 when Briana had to pick up Nova from Devoin’s because he got drunk while he took Nova swimming.

“Does nobody [remember] him getting drunk at a pool party while he was supposed to be watching his daughter. Wow,” their comment read.

Another fan of the show felt that Devoin was previously a “deadbeat dad,” but has made improvements since.

“He was a deadbeat tho.. and it’s changed now which is great. But they didn’t put that on him,” wrote another commenter.

Did Devoin earn his reputation as a “deadbeat dad” or is the label unfair to him?

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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