Teen Mom 2: Critics drag Jade Cline for continuing to put up with Sean Austin after Season 11 premiere

Teen Mom 2 couple Sean Austin and Jade Cline
Teen Mom 2 viewers are over Jade Cline’s willingness to put up with Sean Austin’s antics. Pic credit: MTV

Jade Cline and her baby daddy Sean Austin share a rocky, on-and-off relationship that keeps Teen Mom 2 viewers constantly guessing.

During the first episode of Season 11 of Teen Mom 2 on Tuesday night, Jade’s segments focused on her tumultuous relationship with Sean.

Jade was working on growing her beauty business so Sean had been staying home with their 3-year-old daughter Kloie while Jade was at work. Jade allowed Sean to stay with her off and on but was concerned because he didn’t have a job.

Jade Cline and Sean Austin’s arguments continue on Season 11 of Teen Mom 2

Jade voiced to Sean that she felt as though while she was busting her tail, he was taking it too easy. They agreed that he would put in a job application at Costco where Jade’s friend worked. Later, however, Jade revealed that Sean no-showed the interview.

In one scene, Sean caused Jade to be late for work when he left, last-minute, in Jade’s car to grab something for breakfast. When he finally returned, Jade was already 20 minutes late for her first client at her hair salon.

Jade was understandably upset with Sean, but he got angry that she yelled at him. Sean demanded that Jade stop talking to him in the tone she was using and their argument escalated the more they tried to reason with each other.

After the episode, Teen Mom 2 viewers took to Twitter where they expressed their disappointment in Jade for allowing Sean to treat her like he did.

Teen Mom 2 viewers drag Jade for continuing to put up with Sean

“Jade is definitely giving desperate for anybody & scared to be alone vibes at this point,” wrote one viewer.

teen mom 2 viewers took to twitter to bash jade cline for continuing to put up with sean austin
Pic credit: @MYankeesandme/@jyni_v/@SayMyJRenee/Twitter

Another penned, “The way Sean talk to Jade…wooo chile. I’m not letting no man with no job, who made me run late to work talk to me like that. You don’t pay no bills, no car note, nothing. If it’s something men will have, is the nerve.”

“Jade has started and ended every season of #TeenMom2 that she’s been on…ended the season putting Sean’s sorry a** out…then started the new season talmbout how the “time apart” made things better,” wrote another one of Jade’s critics. “They were better BECAUSE YOU WERE APART!!!”

One Twitter user shared a gif of a man rubbing his hand across his forehead in exasperation and tweeted, “Watching jade’s scenes is like watching reruns from the past seasons ? same story line; different season!”

“Sean is a loser but Jade is responsible too,” tweeted another Teen Mom viewer. “She keeps letting him come back. It’s like a alcoholic who can’t function without it so you keep buying the alcohol so they stop shaking.”

Jade is no stranger to addiction. Sean has battled his own demons when it comes to addiction and recently returned from an intensive stint in rehab. Jade revealed that Sean’s trip to rehab was the reason he missed out on filming for Teen Mom Family Reunion with her.

Jade’s mom Christy also has a history of drug abuse and has served jail time because of it.

These days it looks as though Jade and Sean are on again. The couple was recently spotted hanging out with Cheyenne Floyd and her fiance Zach Davis for a double date in Hollywood.

Some fans have speculated that Jade and Sean might even tie the knot when she recently referred to her BFF Chau as her “maid of honor.” Judging by their up-and-down past, however, Jade and Sean’s relationship status is anyone’s guess.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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