Teen Mom 2 critics don’t understand why anyone would buy Chelsea Houska’s ‘plain,’ overpriced t-shirts

Chelsea Houska of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 critics weren’t impressed with Chelsea Houska’s “plain,” overpriced t-shirts. Pic credit: MTV

Chelsea Houska’s latest t-shirt collection hasn’t done anything to impress Teen Mom 2 fans, who find the shirts “plain” and overpriced.

Chelsea has always been one to stay up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends.

As a licensed esthetician since 2014, Chelsea often plays with her hair color and length and is usually seen with a full face of makeup.

Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska debuts t-shirt collection

But when it comes to her fashion sense, Teen Mom 2 viewers aren’t exactly on board with Chelsea.

Chelsea recently shared several slides in her Instagram Stories as she modeled some basic t-shirts from her collaboration with Lauriebelle’s, a fashion boutique.

According to Lauriebelle’s website, the t-shirts are called the Veblen Oversized Tee by Chelsea DeBoer and they run $32 each.

One Teen Mom 2 fan took to Reddit to create a thread that included screenshots of Chelsea’s Instagram Story pics which they facetiously titled, “Chelsea shows off the new aaaaaaamazing, unique, and edgy plain t-shirt.”

In the pics, Chelsea modeled a series of plain t-shirts in white, camel, heathered charcoal, and blue.

Other Teen Mom 2 fans who viewed Chelsea’s pics couldn’t understand why anyone would spend so much money on such a “plain” t-shirt.

Teen Mom 2 fans ‘don’t understand’ who would buy Chelsea’s t-shirts

“I was waiting for someone to post about these plain a** t shirts omg,” commented one Teen Mom 2 fan of Chelsea’s less-than-elaborate t-shirts. “Influencers are out of their MIND.”

Another Redditor commented that Chelsea’s t-shirts were very similar to something in a secondhand store.

They wrote, “I could literally buy these at thrift stores in the men’s section.”

“I can get this look by ordering a large men’s Hanes T-shirt on Amazon for $5.99 and tucking it into my jeans,” wrote another Teen Mom 2 fan who wasn’t impressed with Chelsea’s t-shirts.

Another disgruntled Teen Mom 2 fan couldn’t figure out why anyone would spend $32 on a basic t-shirt when they could buy something similar elsewhere for much cheaper.

“I dont understand who buys this s**t,” their comment read. “It doesn’t look good, unbelievably basic t. go to Walmart or if [you’re] feeling classy target and pay like 9 dollars for 6.”

redditors criticized chelsea houska's t-shirt line, calling them plain and ovepriced
Teen Mom 2 fans criticized Chelsea’s t-shirt line. Pic credit: u/AranelMac/Reddit

This isn’t the first time that Chelsea’s merchandise lines have come under fire by Teen Mom 2 critics.

Over the summer, critics slammed Chelsea and her husband, Cole DeBoer, for their pricey diaper bag collection. Customers who purchased the bags complained of hefty price tags and cheap quality.

Since leaving Teen Mom 2 last year after 10 seasons on the show, Chelsea has been focusing on spending time with her family while promoting her online businesses.

In addition to her clothing and diaper bag line collaborations, Chelsea is also the co-owner of Belle & Rae Co, a company that offers Lightroom presets.

Chelsea also co-owns a home build and design company, Downhome DeBoers, with her husband Cole as well as a home decor line called Aubree Says, named after her eldest daughter.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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