Teen Mom 2: Critic calls out Kail Lowry for taking Chris Lopez back, Kail says it was ‘blind love’

Teen Mom 2 stars and former couple Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez
Kail Lowry said she tried to “blindly love” her way through her relationship with Chris Lopez. Pic credit: MTV and Kail and the Chaos/YouTube

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry caught some heat from critics after she admitted to “blindly loving” her ex Chris Lopez.

The drama in Kail’s life has intensified recently. Not only is she in the midst of a years-long feud and lawsuit with her nemesis Briana DeJesus, but she’s also still working through a tumultuous co-parenting relationship with Chris.

Earlier this week, Kail shared a message with her fans after she felt her co-parenting situation was misrepresented on Teen Mom 2. Briana met up with Chris to record a podcast episode and they briefly discussed Kail.

Chris mentioned that when he and Kail “are good,” he can see his kids “whenever” he wants, but claimed that when Kail “gets in her feelings, it’s a whole different story.”

Kail took to social media after the episode aired to clear the air and according to her side of the story, Chris only saw their sons Lux, 4, and Creed, 1, when they were on good terms because he “wanted something” from her.

After reading Kail’s message on Twitter, one of her followers asked why she would have chosen to have a second child with Chris knowing what kind of father he is.

Kail Lowry responds to critic, admits to ‘blindly loving’ Chris Lopez

Another one of Kail’s followers joined the conversation and wrote, “Right. That’s the real question smh! She allowed him to “get something out of it” when they were good right? She knew he wasn’t ish from jump but kept going back!”

kail lowry tweets about blind love
Pic credit: @KailLowry/Twitter

The comment caught Kail’s attention and she quote retweeted her critic’s comment and added her own explanation. She told her followers, “Don’t act like so many people didn’t blindly love someone & thought they could love them through it.”

“If that’s all you took from the message. You have issues,” Kail added.

Kail’s comment about blindly loving Chris caught the attention of more followers and she was met with both support and criticism in the comments.

Teen Mom 2 viewers have mixed reactions to Kail’s blind love

One of Kail’s critics felt that she could have made better decisions in her relationship with Chris and commented, “Don’t act like you couldn’t use protection or birth control through ‘blindly loving someone’ so you wouldn’t have SECOND child with someone you knew ain’t s**t. No accountability, it looks like you still need some more therapy to learn that.”

Another critic penned, “Girl lol maybe I do because that ain’t never happen to me. You knew he wasn’t ish from the first kid by him. It’s one thing to get some a** from someone but I ain’t having multiple kids from someone who showed me he wasn’t ish from jump! Da fuqqqq???”

kail lowry's critics on twitter
Pic credit: @KailLowry/Twitter

Despite the criticism, some of Kail’s followers showed their support for the 30-year-old mom of four.

One of Kail’s fans shared their own story in an effort to relate to Kail’s situation: “I have 2 children by the same TOXIC male…. So many people thought their love was enough to change someone…”

Another condemned Kail’s critics for victim-blaming her and wrote, “Ew this is SCREAMING blaming the victim and it’s ugly.”

“You cannot judge someone for who they love(d) and you also can’t judge them for choosing to keep a BABY ???????????” they continued. “It is literally Kail’s life & ppl are so invested for what.”

kail lowry's supporters on twitter
Pic credit: @KailLowry/Twitter

It looks as though Kail and Chris have a lot more work to do before they can learn how to co-parent more peacefully.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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